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  1. I generated my tax return using U-File. CRA recalculated the return, determining that my provincial tax payable was higher than it had been calculated by U-File. I have no interest in objecting to CRA's calculation, feeling that was something which U-File should be ironing out with them. I sent a message to U-File asking if they wished details of the amounts calculated by them and the CRA, but they did not respond, (leaving me with the conclusion that they neither wish to fix their program, nor to take any responsibility if it mis-calculates amounts owed.) Note that there is nowhere any suggestion that any amounts were entered incorrectly, (Federal taxes owing were completely unaffected); the only difference was in the amounts of provincial taxes owing, and this figure is simply the result of a series of mathematical calculations which take place independent of the client. Personally, I feel that I purchased the U-File program to perform the calculations on my behalf; its calculation differs from what has to be regarded as the "gold standard", (CRA); and, basically it is faulty merchandise, for which the manufacturer is disclaiming responsibility. Have others experienced similar treatment?
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