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  1. Ulf

    I am using UFile online 2018 and have started to enter data    I had entered about 8 donors under DONATIONS and then took a break.    Now, when I want to add some more it says " You cannot add any more pages of this type"  - extremely annoying !   This is a bug and should be fixed rather than having to creating an Excel file and enterithem somewhere else as suggested by Antoine to somebody else.......

  2. I have the same problem with donations on my UFile 2018 - I had entered about 8 and took a break for lunch - now it says "You cannot add any more pages of this type". That is crazy - obviously a bug in Ufile on-line. I used Ufile for over 10 years but never come across something like this - i.e. I took my time with filing and opened pages again to add more or just to check.
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