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  1. I have create a separate file for my 32 year old who is disabled and currently has a valid T2201. The program wouldn't let me enter her as a dependent under my wife's and my file. In 2016 it did however her certificate expired and I now have a current one and trying to claim this credit again. Confused and looking for any help available. Thanks Norm
  2. Rrrggh This 2018 tax return is driving me crazy, however i believe 2017 was similar. However the program doesn't seem to want us to transfer either care giver or the DTC credits from our daughters return either one of ours. I also noticed that these credits can not be split between two returns as was the case in 2016. Very frustrating. If any one could help would be most grateful. In the meantime i will continue to try to figure out my self Rrrggh Stormin
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