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    Fake product

    Hey, it has been a while since I visited this board. Today, my query isn't related to Ufile, but something regarding a product! I bought a water purifier on this Christmas, but it isn't working as it promised to do! My nephews had nausea and stomach ache recently! When we inspected the reason we came to know that our water source is polluted and it wasn't being purified by this new machine! I went to the shop in Ottawa, where we bought it and asked the owner for a replacement. He refused to give it even when it has been only a week since we purchased it! I'm not sure the possibilities of product liability here, but I need a solution, I don't want people to get fooled by trusting these fraud shops and brands! I have paid the full amount including the tax, I have the hospital bills as well! So before going to a product liability lawyer, I wanted to ask you guys about the possibilities, procedures and all. One of my friends referred me to this lawyer, I haven't met him in person till now! I want to know if there is any preparation I need to do before meeting him? Also, do I have to bring the reports, bills and all in the first meeting itself? I just want to not look like a fool before a pro, that is all! Share your thoughts, especially encouragements! Many thanks!
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