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  1. Hey, I have been reading form here and there to find a software solution for my company. I'm running a startup web development company in Toronto along with my four friends. One is a silent partner, who the principal investor! Two of us are into development, one is into the designing and the other person is in charge of the marketing! We have been using the spreadsheet for doc management and accounting until now! We had a very critical phase of business. We were running out of projects for a while! To manage the financial crisis, we recently launched an institute along with our company for providing programming training. Currently, we have only fifteen students, but we are working toward accommodating more students in a month or two. Training sessions are handling by three of us. Providing training seems more profitable than service/product rendering in the sense of effort! At present we are more concentrated into the institute. It has become quite difficult to handle back-office works along with the institute! So I'm considering a business software to support the accounting tasks (It should efficiently handle documents as well!). We have even started to use the AutoHotkey to automate things like network bug fixing, opening browsers due to the lack of time! Currently, we can't spend a lot on getting software at the same time don't want to compromise on the performance! I already have checked on QuickBooks but it is unaffordable to a small company like ours! We have researched to find less expensive business software solutions and found many. Among them, a few companies seemed genuine. I need your suggestion about the mentioned company also would like to know more recommendations! I know Ufile is tax documenting software community, yet I'm posting it here. In anticipation of a reply!
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