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  1. I submitted the above request on Friday Oct.4 . I am STILL waiting for a response.
  2. I have used UFile for 2017 and 2018 ... during tax season and no issues. In fact I used my 2017 file to submit my late 2017 return in May of 2019. It had business statements T2125 & T2125P and it went through without a hitch. In the last week (Oct.2019) I have been attempting to file my 2018 tax return...pretty much the same as 2017 but higher income & expense values...all went well until I went to NetFile. Giving me a Warning but when I open the message it says it is an Electronic Error so I must paperfile. I have addressed the issue in the message and it is correct/fixed. I also would like to SPEAK to a representative from UFile so we could walk through what is coming up on the screen. Have spoken to CRA and from their end their does not appear to be anything change wise that would prevent an exclusion to netfiling. I am a past tax preparer for H&R Block so I DO know what I am doing tax wise. This is my first time with software/program problems.
  3. I too am trying to Netfile my 2018 Tax return which contains 2 Business Income statements ... T2125 self-employed & T2125P to claim my Boarder income and expenses. This year I was funded by MNO to take a training course and they issued me a T4A ... Box 28 which was "Training Allowance" to cover my travel costs. I entered the slip in my General information and then again on the T2125. The message is telling me that the information from Box 28 on the T4A must also be included on the T2125...IT IS!! AND the amount has been added to my Gross Earnings on the T2125. It is showing up as a Warning but has the icon of an Error. My address was changed BEFORE I filed my 2017 return ... same set up just less income. This was done in May of 2019. and there were NO ISSUES with the NetFiling. Even signed up for Express NOA and it went off without a hitch. Now I am trying to get things caught up before 2019 and cannot Netfile. And, yes they are 2 separate softwares for the appropriate years. There are NO information changes on the 2018. In fact I transported my information from the 2017 files directly into my 2018 New file via your software. And all info was as entered in 2017. What is aggravating is ... I have been on Hold with CRA for over 30 minutes, as I type this message, and NO WHERE can I find a phone number so I can speak to someone directly. I am sure it is a small issue that is blocking me but I cannot seem to find the fix. And, I have been doing taxes since 2001. Worked for H&R Block from 2001 - 2013/14. Have used Turbo Tax for many years but switched to U-File for 2016 Tax Year. I am sorry to say if this issue cannot be resolved I may have to look for another Tax Software company and redo my taxes to be able to file online...netfile.
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