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    Using LINE 256

    In your Foreign Income and Pension section, if we click on the question mark icon next to Amount of Foreign Taxes Paid, we find: "...This entry is necessary for UFile to generate form T2209, which shows the calculation of the foreign tax credit."... Does this mean that UFile automatically creates a T2209!? In looking back over my taxes AFTER hearing from the CRA, it seems it does! If it does create and populate a T2209, why is there a box just beneath the taxes paid box "Income Exempt under a Tax Treaty leave blank for US Social Security Benefits". This is confusing as it seems to indicate that the taxes paid should be exempt and the amount of taxes paid should be entered into this box. In fact, that's what I did and I JUST found out from CRA today (Oct. 7, 2019) that I indeed deducted the taxes I paid to the U.S. TWICE as your form was not clear! You should really look at the wording in this section as it leads to confusion and misfiling with penalties on the taxpayer for errors, even if it is because your form is NOT clear! I wish you would have been available by phone to clear this up before it went to the CRA or even now to help me work through the issue. PS- This was for the 2018 tax year, but that was not an option in your drop-down menu.
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