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  1. Spoke too soon. Got an email from a live person a minute ago. Told me they found me and purchase records but no order for 2019 version. Guess I'm too impatient!
  2. Thank you Nawal but I have done that. Reply did not help and my reply back, as they directed, has not been responded to.
  3. I am a long time UFile for Windows user and believe I ordered the 2019 version when I received the promo $9 off email in November. I recall there was a "will be issued date". I have not received the program and my credit card has not been charged. I concluded that I would not be charged until the program was issued. I'm now getting concerned and have tried totally unsuccessfully via the UFile site to find out if I really did order and if the program has been issued. I forget whether I ever bothered to register and have a user name or password. Can someone please tell me if the program has been issued? Thank You.
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