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  1. fffirefly7


    Thanks for replying Nawal. I went to my 2018 Schedule 3 but don't see any 'capital gain carried forward' amount', only my Taxable capital gains line 199. From my example above that would be the $1000 amount. Line 16 of 'Applying net capital losses of other years to 2018' is the $300 amount in my example. Not sure where I find the $700 (1000-300) amount in the return. Closest I got was on the CRA website My Account under 'View carryover amounts'. There it shows me in the 'Capital Gains and Losses' table in the 'Line 127' column my $1000 amount. In the column 'Net loss applied
  2. You shouldn't however you may want to save it first and then carry forward.
  3. fffirefly7


    Hello, If I have a total capital loss in 2019 of $6000 (net capital loss of $3000 ($6000 x 50%)) and a gain of $1000 in 2018, I understand that on the T1A form I enter $1000 in the box 'Amount to be applied to 2018' under Net capital loss for carryback. However, in 2018 when I had that gain of $1000 I also carried forward a loss of $300 from previous years. My question then is do I still enter $1000, or $700 (1000-300)? Thanks!
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