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  1. Have you checked the page - Ontario Trillium Benefit p.1/p.2? It is separate from the refund and provincial ON479.
  2. Winston

    Last Name

    You can put a middle name or first name and indicate they are a first-time filer or indicate a surname change. It is commonly seen on people with last name Kaur or Singh. For example, for Name: "Ramandeep Kaur", use "Ramandeep" for first name and "Kaur" for last. Or, try "Ramandeep Kaur" for first name and "Kaur" for last name. It can be done via EFILE, but it may not work for NETFILE. Unfortunately CRA cannot assist with this name issue, as a return needs to be filed for them to find any information.
  3. The answer is no. The exception you are quoting is generally when the spouses are legally married but one spouse is living in another country or involuntarily separated for other reasons. If the parents are infirm, then there may be an eligible claim for the caregiver amount.
  4. Did you enter their T2202 slip?
  5. If they are all disposed of in the same year, create 1 new T5008 slip containing the totals of the T5008s for that year. Then delete the T5008s except the one you created. CRA does not receive those details anyway.
  6. Did you click the file rejected link?
  7. If you want to at least generate some of the calculations and/or populate the schedules, you can create two sets of files, and have one spouse as deceased in each tax file. The returns may still be fairly accurate if we aren't dealing with pension splitting (and may in fact be consistent), but there may be other subtle issues that are relevant. You would have to reenter one of the spouses though, as each needs to be their own family head if you attempt this workaround.
  8. If you have a CSV file, use excel to calculate the ACB and/or Proceeds, and enter that in a T-slip group. The details are only needed if CRA requests further information. Do not waste your time trying to enter them manually.
  9. My apologies for not getting back to you. It would be on the schedule 3, but I think it results in other issues. See the other thread here:
  10. See the following link: Q. Who reports a death benefit that an employer pays? A. That depends on who received the death benefit. A death benefit is income of either the estate or the beneficiary who receives it. Up to $10,000 of the total of all death benefits paid (other than CPP or QPP death benefits) is not taxable. If the beneficiary received the death benefit, see line 13000 in the Federal Income Tax and Benefit Guide. If the estate received the death benefit, see the T4013, T3 Trust Guide. If you received $10,000 or less as a death benefit from an employer, do not report it on the tax return. It is still NETFILE eligible. If you are curious about the scenario where the amount is to be reported, see line 130. Completing your tax return Report on line 13000 the total of all of your other income types. In the space to the left of line 13000, specify the type of income you are reporting. If you have more than one type of income, attach a note to your paper return giving the details.
  11. Did you indicate the date it was acquired and date of disposition, in addition to whether the principal residence designation was applying for all years (or only some)? The ACB would be the fair market value for the home at the time it was built. You can put any value for the ACB if making a Principal Residence designation for all years, but it is safer and more correct to put a price that reflects the actual FMV, should for some reason the exemption be denied (though this is seems very unlikely)
  12. The solution I will offer is as follows: INVESTMENT INCOME heading, select the checkbox labelled Calculation of cumulative net investment loss to December 31, 2018 (T936). Enter gains under the other investment income section. I will note that the Schedule 3 is never received by CRA. It is to be provided when you are asked for documentation. Only the line numbers and amounts are transmitted.
  13. It is hidden in controls section of the dependent, in between: Prior CPP election and Schedule 14 - Climate action incentive It should say: Claim this dependant as the eligible dependant on federal line 30400?
  14. Did you provide an answer to: First Name Last Name Title of the guardian or legal representative - Other and enter something under the description for the Guardian or legal representative? Those fields are required.
  15. Did you correctly enter your RRSP deduction limit in Ufile? If you are certain that you have not overcontributed, you can enter a higher RRSP deduction limit in the RRSP section and the warning will go away (for example, enter a limit of $8,000). If you are actually over contributing, but by under $2,000, you will get a warning no matter what (although this is allowed and there is no penalty). You can either verify your actual limits using CRA's My Account; or you can EFILE the return and see if CRA automatically rejects it. Their systems will reject your return if you do not have the actual amounts available to contribute for 2019.
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