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  1. I was having problems carrying over from 2018. It carried over some things but not the business things like CCA. I eventually had to input them manually. Now I notice the T1 comparative that was produced has no 2018 info. Is there any way to input this manually? I have used Ufile for several years and was very happy but this year has been very frustrating.
  2. Also keep in mind when entering RRSP as well. It didn't show up in my original interview and to find it I clicked on "help" and found it and I thought I had entered my numbers but it didn't change my owed amount. It turns out there is a specific place you have to click on to activate that, one that I don't remember having to do last year.
  3. I tried that saving as PDF thing. It didn't work for me.
  4. I contacted them and they did nothing. They said they were going to email me a way to do this but they never did. I've pretty much given up on them fixing this. Very disappointing.
  5. This didn't work for me. Every other year my CCAs are carried forward with no problem. Any further suggestions?
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