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  1. Hello Nawal. I hope all is well. I did a bit more digging on the issue. There is no issue with Ufile's handling of the tuition credits. Yes, schedule 11 deals with the federal tuition credit, but I was trying to get clarification on the provincial tuition credit. From what I've found, Ontario's tuition and education tax credits were phased out after the 2017 tax return. If persons had accumulated credits before the phase out, they can continue to carry those forward or use them by filling out the provincial ON(S11). It's been a long time since I've had to deal with tuition amoun
  2. Hi: My wife has a T2202 for tuition paid in 2019 but has no income. So, for the federal taxes, Ufile has transferred the tuition to me. For the provincial (ON) taxes, it doesn't seem like tuition can be transferred (which is fine). However, when my wife's return is generated, Ufile doesn't include ON(S11) to carry forward the unused provincial tuition. Is this a bug?
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