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  1. Just contact ufile chat on facebook. The way reset password could be 1) sending email help@ufile.ca with userid, filed email address and phone number. 2) you would get a auto reply email. 3) you reply this email without changing subject. I guess then, ufile will be directed how to reset password.
  2. I still have the problem. Need advise what should I do? "challenge phrase, a unique word or phrase that is used to reset your password" looks like there is no way to void filling this information to reset password. I emailed ufile support and got all auto reply unhelpful information. I called ufile as well but waited forever no nobody answering. Thanks in advance.
  3. Question about #2, how to set a dependent to be "not an eligible dependent". Could you please advise? I am not able to find a place given this information to uFile. Thanks rsun
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