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  1. I have a certain amount of capital loss in 2019. I filled form on Ufile to claim carryback for previous years. Later when I checked my CRA account after getting assessment, it didn’t work. I completed UFile as following. Did I missed something? Do I need to separately submit (mail) T1A to CRA? 1) On UFile Interview, filled form T5008 2) On UFile Interview, added Losses of other years and loss carryback -> T1A - Request for current year loss carryback. At the section “Net Capital loss for Carryback”, filled “amount to be applied 2018, 2017, 2016 3) On UFile Tax Return, checks line 19900 (net capital loss in 2019), capital loss amount is there. 4) On Ufile Tax Return, checks T1A – Request For Loss Carryback – Part 5 Net Capital Loss for Carryback. All data are there and Balance Net Capital Loss for Carryback correctly calculated. 5) Submit by NETFILE
  2. Just contact ufile chat on facebook. The way reset password could be 1) sending email help@ufile.ca with userid, filed email address and phone number. 2) you would get a auto reply email. 3) you reply this email without changing subject. I guess then, ufile will be directed how to reset password.
  3. I still have the problem. Need advise what should I do? "challenge phrase, a unique word or phrase that is used to reset your password" looks like there is no way to void filling this information to reset password. I emailed ufile support and got all auto reply unhelpful information. I called ufile as well but waited forever no nobody answering. Thanks in advance.
  4. Question about #2, how to set a dependent to be "not an eligible dependent". Could you please advise? I am not able to find a place given this information to uFile. Thanks rsun
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