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  1. Thanks. Changing the date of acquisition to 1972, instead of 1957, corrected the error and I was able to file the return.
  2. This is actually a question for 2019 tax return. My father sold his principal residence, built by himself in 1956/1957. On the sale of principal residence form, it asks for ACB and fair market value of the property in 1981 and 1994. Where does one get these values, since the house was never on the market since it was built. I have completed the form with guesses for those values. When I Review the return, I get a message saying that the calculation cannot be completed because of missing fields. I click on the message and I am taken to the Disposition of Principal Residence form, but there is no indication of which field needs to be completed. As a result I cannot complete the return. Any help will be appreciated.
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