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  1. Tax Return Won't Display

    If you're using the Windows Classic Theme and still encountering issues, please contact for assistance.
  2. My return disappeared before filing

    Please contact and provide your UFile T2 username so they can look into the issue.
  3. Tax Return Won't Display

    We have a fix ready for the upcoming UFile update due late next week. Thank you.
  4. non functioning download link

    Below is the download link for UFile 2010:
  5. Is UFile good?

    Hello Eemaar, I suggest you give it a go. UFile Online and UFile for Windows are free to try. You only pay if you wish to view/print the return and/or NETFILE. You can try UFile Online from the following link: If you prefer, you can download UFile 2016 for Windows from the link below:
  6. What is modest income taxpayer?

    Hello The total income <= $25,000 rule is applicable to UFile for Windows 2016. Yes, it checks the line 150 of the Federal return in order to determine the total income.
  7. no cd rom

    Yes of course. If you happen to be using UFile for Windows, you can always download the latest version from the link below:
  8. 2016 Update

    That is indeed the latest update. No other updates are planned for this season. However if the Server is not accessible error persists please contact
  9. Ufile 2016 Update released April 9, 2017

    Hello, Thanks for letting us know. Yes it will be corrected today or tomorrow in an upcoming update.
  10. Hello Snirpy, I'm sorry you're having trouble filing. The Federal and Quebec errors indicate that an Internet connection could not be established. If the firewall is disabled, UFile should be able to establish an Internet connection but we will need more information to identify the cause. The printer message can be a Windows permissions issue with your printer. I suggest contacting for help with the issues you encountered.
  11. Hi Linx, Sorry to hear about your troubles. You can carry-forward your 2015 file information to UFile 2016 except if the 2015 file you're carrying forward has not been printed, saved as PDF nor Netfiled. In that case, only the basic information will be carried-forward. If you're still unable to reach support for help with your file, please send me your email address in a private message so I can look up your request. Thank you
  12. How to install two UFILE in one computer?

    It's not possible to install 2 copies of UFile on one PC. If you purchased another copy, you can simply add the activation key to the UFile copy already installed. To do so, click on the "Add additional keys" button in the Start screen.
  13. 20.01 is the first version released. You will have to update to the latest version 20.14 in order to use CRA Auto-fill. You can also download the latest version from the following link:
  14. Prior year software

    Hello Sergio, You can download UFile for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 tax years from the links below. UFile 2013: UFile 2014: UFile 2015:
  15. Elimination of Quebec Health Contribution

    Hi clw, Yes, this change will be part of the next UFile update planned for next week (April 6 or 7).