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  1. Roger

    Ufile 2018 for windows won't download

    Hi Rod, Maybe the file download was not completed successfully. Please try downloading it again.
  2. Roger

    UFile 2018 Error

    Please try Downloading and Installing the Update for the universal runtime:
  3. Roger

    Ufile 2018 for windows won't download

    Hi Sha, You can download UFile 2018 from the following link:
  4. Roger


    Hello, Thank you for the suggestion, we're definitely looking into implementing a changelog in the future. In the last versions 21.13 and 21.20: Added the ability to transmit via Netfile the T2203 (Multiple Jurisdictions) form. Improved the wording of some warning and error messages. Fixed an issue where an incorrect warning was generated if the Family Head is in Quebec and the dependent is in another Province. No more UFile updates are planned for this tax year.
  5. Roger

    ufile 2016

    You can download UFile 2016 from the link below
  6. Roger

    UFile 2017 install failure: '1618'

    It usually means that another installation is currently in progress, perhaps Windows Updates? I suggest trying again later. If it still doesn't work, restart your PC and try again.
  7. Roger

    adding new key or buying another UFile .

    I don't believe you need to purchase any extra keys since you have only used 2 out of 4 returns. Simply click on "Start on a new tax file" to create a new file for your daughter's return. You can also use another PC if you wish. To do so, download and install the latest version of UFile from and use your existing activation key.
  8. Roger


    Hi, You can always download the latest version from the following link:
  9. Roger

    Keyboard Shortcuts for UFile

    Hi Sienna, Below is the list of the existing keyboard shortcuts in UFile for Windows.
  10. Roger


    Hello Linda, I'm using Firefox v58 and I do not see a warning in the password box. I suggest you contact so they can gather more information and help you with your other questions.
  11. Please contact for assistance.
  12. Roger

    Download my information - Missing files

    That information may not yet be available from the CRA service. The CRA might not have received the T4 and T5 documents or processed them yet. Try again at a later date.
  13. Roger

    Tax Return Won't Display

    If you're using the Windows Classic Theme and still encountering issues, please contact for assistance.
  14. Roger

    My return disappeared before filing

    Please contact and provide your UFile T2 username so they can look into the issue.
  15. Roger

    Tax Return Won't Display

    We have a fix ready for the upcoming UFile update due late next week. Thank you.