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  1. I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Just spoke with someone in support and they had mentioned that it had something to do with people who have changed their passwords. I had just changed my password, so I logged back into my 2014 account, changed my password BACK to my old password, and then logged in and followed the steps suggested above again (delete 2015 then recreate it) and everything carried over!! Apparently the tech team is working on a fix for the end of next week but if you can't be bothered waiting this is a short term solution. Cheers
  2. Solution: According to the T4002 guide, business parking fees are claimed at full cost, as opposed to prorated by your business km like gas purchases. "Business use of a motor vehicle If you use a motor vehicle for business and personal use, you can deduct only the part of the expenses that you paid to earn income. However, you can deduct the full amount of parking fees related to your business activities and supplementary business insurance for your motor vehicle." Unfortunately on UFile ONLINE, out of Supplementary Business Insurance, Short Term Car Rental Fees (100%), and Parking Fees, only Short Term Car Rental Fees are indicated as being 100%. It has been suggested that information be added to the help icons for those items, and "(100%)" be added to the end of the other two field descriptions.
  3. Yes, I'm glad it's resolved! I'm going to post what was discussed with support here in case someone else finds the same problems! 1) The missing description was identified as a bug and is being passed along to the tech team. Essentially when you enter your CCA under Motor Vehicle Expenses, the description area is currently left blank under the Capital Cost Allowance to Carry Forward page. Hopefully this will be fixed in the 2013 release. 2) When entering data under the CCA category, the program assumes the % use for business will remain constant for the life of the item. While this isn't always the case for class 10-30 items (ex. vehicle or computer), the program doesn't account for this and uses a very "blunt" method for calculating the values. As such, the prorated amounts will always be entered into all fields when using these forms. 3) It was suggested that help text should be added, to explicitly state that motor vehicle CCA should be added under the Motor Vehicle Expenses form only, and not under the CCA category.
  4. Hey mj_rivera904! You could narrow down where the difference is by deleting sections until the net comes out the same, and then work forward one item at a time to see where the difference comes in. Also, how big is the difference?
  5. Hey Gabriel, Thanks for the response and passing along my comment. There definitely should only be one spot to enter that data, as I know for a fact I'm not the only person who has made this duplication mistake (at least 2 of my associates who also use Ufile Online). Regarding part 2: The files/screenshots I was referencing are from 2011 (or you can also see the discrepancy in 2010 as well). I have not filed 2012 yet, as I'm waiting on a response to the problem I posted about here, and a response as to whether this CCA discrepancy no longer occurs in the 2012 version. I did receive an email from you regarding Request# UF323313, however I thought this was pertaining to my "Possible Rounding Error" problem as I submitted a "Support Request Form" directly from the site on March 19th, and authorized UFile to view my tax file as per your instructions. Please let me know if you or your dev team require any further details that could assist in troubleshooting these issues. Please also let me know if I'll need to send another "Support Request Form" from my 2011 account referencing the ID # listed above.
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    My unanswered posting can be found here. Essentially I was asking why CCA values (UCC) are different on the printed return for a vehicle asset when entered under the "Purchased Vehicle" form vs. under the CCA form. It's the exact same asset, with the exact same information.
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    I am also having an issue with lack of response. I've tried reaching out on social media at this point as well. Hoping the issue is resolved soon.
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