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  1. Well, here is another workaround to the countless others.... I saved my tax file to a new tax file name.... then i deleted my T4. I then re-added it, entered the information again, and now, no more error. I have a feeling it has something to do with the download from the CRA Autofill. I had downloaded all my forms originally, and maybe another time after that. Seems like something gets messed up. ...now i can sleep....
  2. When reviewing my results, I get the message “you entered CPP contributions on a T4 but reported QPP pensionable earnings” and it says I can’t NETFILE my Federal return. I also get the same for my Quebec return. My forms, T4E EI Benefits, box 7, 14, 36, 22, 23 filled out. T4 – Statement of Remuneration Paid (RL-1) with QPP contributions, box 14, A, 17, 18, 20, 52, 55, 22, E, 24, 26, 56, J filled out. Why is this happening and how do I correct it? Regards
  3. I deleted my spouses T4 information and T4E info. Then i tried to download the information for my spouse by checking Update from CRA again, (yes i'm authorized), and i keep getting the message "In order to use this service, you need to fill, at the very least, the following personnal information: SIN, date of birth, province of residence, marital status" I believe all this information is filled in. Can't seem to figure out what's missing. HELP!
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    This issue has now been fixed with a new update. Thank you.
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    Any word on this? I have also tried to reinstall by selecting the repair option and i am getting another error. An error occured installing the package. Windows installer returned '1612'.
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    Okay I sent the info. This is a brief summary More details I have taxes for a Husband and Spouse. I run the Results tab, than i click on Tax Return, I scroll down with the scrollbar to the right and program crashes. I also try saving the 2 tax files as pdfs right after I click on Tax Return, and the program crashes. I notice the program crashes when it reaches saving the TPF-1.U - Barcode Summary. Even in the Tax Return tab, when clicking on the TPF-1.U - Barcode summary to view it, the program crashes. Something is causing this, perhaps a corrupted file... Let me know... thanks
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    Open a tax file, click results, then click on Tax return, hold click the scrollbar to the right of window and scroll downwards rather quickly. The program crashes. This is the downloaded version of the software. Regards
  8. Let me rephrase. When copying a value with a comma as a separator for cents the value copied changes. For example, copy 46003,00 into a field in rrsp section, and the copied value becomes 460,003.00 not sure how you can handle this, perhaps not allowing commas to be copied in?
  9. I highlight a digit to correct after clicking on the digit, then I enter the correct digit, but value I entered goes to the right. Go to rrsp contributions march to Dec 2012. For example: enter 1200 and press tab. Field becomes 1,200.00 Go back to field and click on the 2, so the cursor is flashing in front of the 2, then Highlight the 2, and press 4 to change it to 1400.00 What actually shows is 10400.00. You must do the sequence quickly for it to happen. Please fix this.
  10. When I right click, copy a value like 4600.03 and copy it into ufile, the decimal disappears and the value becomes 460003. Regards
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