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  1. rasinc

    Purchase Failure

    Thank you Roger Gaetan from support had emailed me a suggestion to try a different browser but Safari didn't work either. kimh Tech support didn't supply me a phone number to call and place the order either.
  2. rasinc

    Purchase Failure

    I have had the same problem. I confirmed with my credit card company that no attempts to purchase are being registered at their end so they feel your system is not pinging their system at all. Is the offer going to be extended for everyone? Where on the website is a customer support number? I cannot find one. Thank you.
  3. I have not heard anything yet either. You would think that if they have the warning, they would have the option. No one seems to want to look it up. If you find out anything in the next week or two, please let me know. Otherwise, I am going to shell out some money to an accountant and stop paying Ufile. I can't find anything in the help and what is in the help looks like the CRA wrote it.
  4. rasinc

    Trust Return

    No but the CRA indicated it wasn't necessary but that a trust return should be done. So I am assuming at this point they meant a testementary trust return. Is this what Ufile will do using that option?
  5. rasinc

    Trust Return

    Thanks Gabriel, Maybe I am getting my returns confused. I just checked the 2009 software (for the year I am preparing). Under Type of return for the year of death, there is the option of Return for Income from a testamentary trust. I think this is what I have to prepare, not necessarily a return for a full Trust. Is this option the same as a T3 that you mentioned?
  6. Thanks YruJ. Sorry for not posting back sooner but I was expecting an email when a reply was posted and I didn't get one. The big problem I have is that I cannot find any switch, option or setting that indicates either of my parents are pensioners. So I need to know how to switch it because I cannot find any way to do it. Thanks
  7. rasinc

    Trust Return

    I've been told by the CRA that I need to do a Trust return for each of my deceased parents. Can Ufile 2009-2012 do these types of returns? They passed away a year apart. If so, do I bring forward the file from my parents last final returns and set some options to indicate it is a Trust return? Do I do them together in the same file or separately? TIA
  8. I am doing a final return for one of my parents (younger one). UFile 2009 is giving me a warning "You should consider selecting the other spouse as pensioner" Can anyone give me an idea of how to do this and what the implications are? TIA,
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