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  1. I have a rental property. For year 2017 I reported 12,000 as Net income from rental (line 21 on form T776) and this amount was reported in form T936, line 19. I paid taxes on this rental income. \ When today I opened my new 2018 year file, I see already CNIL 12,000 carried from last year as Total Federal Net CNIL Income at the end of 2017. Should I enter anything in Total Federal Net CNIL Expenses at the end of 2017 - maybe that tax which I paid on that rental income? If I will sell the property in 2019, should I add this CNIL Income 12,000 to the gain from selling the property (difference between selling price and initial price of the property)? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm a student and I'm self employed contractor (Nov, Dec 2012).Company sent me T4A with box 048. I added form T4A with filled box 048, then I added form T2125 for self employed and entered the same amount on page 'Income, expenses' in line 'Gross Sales, Comissions or fees'. But in the Result I'm getting message - you can't use Netfile, as 'The amount on form T4A box 048 must also be reported as business income". What I did wrong? When I looked at help for line 'Gross Sales, commisions and fees' , it redirect me to CRA help :"You have to file Form T1139", but not T2125. PS. I just got reply from the UFile support team: In the section "Professional income and expenses", enter $0.00 for the line "Professional fees (including work-in-progress)" and enter the amount in box 048, T4A on the line "Fees for services (T4A Box 048)". If you have expenses, enter them in the boxes corresponding to their description. It worked! Thanks!
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