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    Scenario Analysis

    Does Ufile allow for scenario analysis? I could not see how, other than changing the file details and then saving as another file name. The result of this is that the scenario becomes disconnected from the base case it hinges off. By comparison, the financial planning software Naviplan allows for scenarios and allows for mapping of which case each scenario hinges off of so that there can be more than one level of "base case" and changes to any base case cascade into the scenarios that hinge off it. If similar is available in Ufile I don't see how.
  2. When you indicate emigrating from Canada during 2012 (and in this case from Ontario), Ufile 2012 is not showing the Ontario calculations. For example, the FEDERAL basic personal amount is pro-rated for the percentage of the year when you were a resident (before the move) but the PROVINCIAL basic personal amount is not listed at all. CRA guidance is that the PROVINCIAL amount should be similarly pro-rated if emigration occurs during the year. I have specified a foreign current residency address and a mailing address the same as the foreign residency. How do I get those pro-rated Ontario credits?
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