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  1. I have exactly the same problem. Federal is fine, but my Quebec tax credit is not showing up. I have been using uFile for years and this dependant has never had any income.
  2. Ah, I found it on the page "Sharing donations between spouses and optimization of donations" in the"Donations and Political Contributions section". What threw me off is that ufile asks a similar question re: sharing of credits under 'Controls' AND the last sentence (in bold) of the following tip: "You do not have to claim the donations made in 2012 on your 2012 tax return. It may be more beneficial for you to carry them forward and claim them on the return of any of the five following years. Regardless of how you do it, you can only claim each donation once. Do not enter amounts you do not wish to use in the current year." Thanks for the help.
  3. How can I postpone claiming charitable donations if they appear on my T4? For all other charitable donations, Ufile instructs to not enter donations that will not be claimed in-year. However, I seem to have no choice for donations that appear in my T4. Am I missing something? If not, this is a big gap, as it is forcing me to take a tax decision that I do not want.
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