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  1. Hi: I have loaded my 2012 ufile for window program in my computer but the program failed to launch. However, my son took my disc to his residence in university. I am wondering if there is a link where I can reload the program. Of course, I have the key with me. Thanks
  2. Hi: I received an Ufile disc from Ufile being an old customer of Ufile. I used to buy it from retail stores. I loaded the disc in my laptop and obtained a key to finalize the download. However, when I try to load the program using the same disc to my desktop, I was asked to pay again. I load the program on two computers is for the sake of security when one of the computers is dead. It always works on Ufile disc purchased from retail stores. What can I do? Please advise.
  3. Thanks for your response. I used Ufile for Window 2011. But my laptop was dead and I am unable to retrieve the 2011 ufile program. My data, of couse, is saved in my jumper. Do you think ufile would let me downloadn 2011 again for free. They have my records because ufile sent me the 2012 disc and I have download the 2012 program. Thank
  4. I have my 2011 tax return amended by CRA. Now, I am doing the 2012 tax return. Usually I simply carryover my 2011 tax data to do my 2012 tax return. Given that my 2011 return has an error, how can I correct my 2011 tax data before I carryover to do my 2012 return?
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