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  1. This is the pure overlook by the UFile programmers... I admire their ability to make the software so sly and beneficial to us when it comes to calculating the best tax return, but the UI of the Windows app is a disaster. Anyways. The problem with the NETFILE: invalid NAICS is two-sided: 1. One of your businesses had the NAICS code in 2011, which got replaced in 2012 Mine old one was 541510. Government changed it for 2012 to 541514. Who knew? UFile does not help when filling in this field, it does not have the validation, nor warning (for the code that is not valid *anymore*), even though the fill list is openly available REF: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/subjects-sujets/standard-norme/naics-scian/2012/index-indexe-eng.htm -- download the PDF from there. 2. When UFile *correctly* identifies the problem with the NETFILE's NAICS code (hold a second, how exactly it does know it's not valid? So it *does* have the validation of the code, just does not have a liberty to offer it at the Interview stage! Sigh...) , it avoids telling you, which exact business of you (if you entered several ones; I did), or which exact code got itself marked as invalid (really too hard to say "your code NNNNNN is invalid" ?). Also it tries to be helpful and shows the hyper-link to bring you back to the Interview, to the form where you could correct the code. The only problem is, it brings you to the 1st business in your Interview, but not the one, which's got the incorrect code. What a shame. So much time lost chasing the root case of this error... * * * Anyway, if you got that error -- go and check NAICS codes for *all* your businesses, use that PDF file from the government site, and do CTRL-F and search for the code, you think it right, and make sure you find it there. If it's not there, search for 5-digit version of it, and look at new 6-digits under it. Good luck!
  2. mlevin

    ERROR: invalid NAICS

    *** PROBLEM SOLVED *** The code of the 1st, older business, has changed in 2012. THE GLITCH of the software leads me to the WRONG business record in the interview -- on a click, it brings me to the page of the new business, which has got the right code. And it has NO MENTION that the code could have changed for the OTHER business record in the interview. So many trials and total re-entries of my data finally led me to the root cause of that problem. Guys at UFILE - fix that link at the Results!
  3. mlevin

    ERROR: invalid NAICS

    OMG I wanted to test the results without the 2nd business, and now it shows the same error against the 1st business, which was perfectly OK last year! What's wrong with that NAICS validation?!
  4. mlevin

    ERROR: invalid NAICS

    I *did*. And as I mentioned, I tried many (as 10+) various codes, which more or less are close to the business model she runs in the 2nd business of her. None worked. So I need to understand, what exact condition blocks the 2nd company from being validated by NIACS. Even with the case of code, being the same as for the older 1st business of her. Please advise what can you help me with in that situation.
  5. mlevin

    ERROR: invalid NAICS

    Hello, I've submitted the trouble ticket via the UFile, but I never got any feedback, not even the automated email. For my wife I had a Self-Employed Professional Income last year, with NAICS 541510. This year I added one more business, she opened last year. This time also as a Professional Income, with different NAICS 519130. When producing the results, UFile shows the error: NETFILE {name here}. You cannot currently NetFile your federal return... > You entered an invalid NAICS (North American industry classification system) code for a business (self-employment). Click here to fix >[] or a T5013/T5013A slip. When I click on the link, it brings me to the Business Identification page for that 2nd business. Here I tried to enter a number of other NAICS codes, which might make sense, and I mean a number of them. I even tried to enter the same 541510, as for the 1st business. Still, it produces the same error. Please help to resolve this. It's blocking me from NetFile'ing my wife's taxes. Mick.
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