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  1. Quick question . . . How can my UFile calculated Marginal Tax Rate be higher than the highest Federal + Provincial tax brackets? Thanks
  2. My daughter is no longer a dependent and has registered her own uFile account. Can she import the data located on my account from last year?
  3. When using uFile online and electronically filing, do I have to list the dozens and dozens of charitable donation claims separately? Or can I add them up and just enter the total under a generic heading?
  4. I have been doing taxes with uFile for many years for my Wife, adult Daughter and Son, and my Mother-in-Law. I would like to ensure I am doing the "administration" and paying properly. In 2013: Daughter went to University full time for 4 months. She does not reside with us and earned less then $20k. Son attended University full time. He does reside with us and earned more than $20k. Mother-in-Law does not reside with us and is fully independent. Spouse works and is fully independent. Am I correct in assuming that neither child can be considered a "dependent" for the purposes of uFile payment and I should purchase separate uFile accounts for them? Although my daughters would be free due to her low earnings? I use one account for my spouse and 1, and a separate account for my Mother-in-Law. If I should be using individual accounts for my children, can I still transfer tuition to my account? Thanks.
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