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  1. Please can you give me an update to the tax file that I sent out last Friday, April 12th? I want to submit this as soon as possible as I will be going out of the country and I don't have much time. I tried to use TurboTax to check this section and the "occupancy cost" was factored into the "Ontario Trillium" Benefit calculation. So, I am really concerned that the Ufile program is erroneous. Please can you get back to me soonest? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Gabriel. I'll send you my file. I trust you will follow strict confidentiality. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Gabriel. I already tried sending a request to that email address but only got general responses which are not helpful at all. I know very well that we are eligible as I have been doing so for several years. Can you please let me know how best to provide my information? Thanks.
  4. Need help urgently please. I don't understand why the occupancy cost is not being calculated despite the fact that I have filled in the proper fields in the interview section. I have done similar thing in the past and the calculations were fine but this year, that section is blank, not calculated. Can someone please look into this? This is a huge error. Please do not respond with the steps on how to fill that section in. I have done so several times already. I need to know if there's an error in the program. If there is, please advise and I'll get another program to do my tax. Thanks.
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