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  1. If you are reporting income and expenses on your rental property, mortgage insurance on the rental property is tax-deductible.
  2. If you netfiled or hard copy filed your returns, it is wise to save a copy of your original filed returns as ämended"" then under the interview section, click on ädjustment set-up"( at the very last selection}. Under the adjustment form select the line number 208 and on the specific line enter the original amount you entered under the contribution and on the buttom line enter the new amount, like $100 if nothing is entered on the first line. Then you have to submit the amended hard copy returns, whether you netfiled or hard copy filed the original one.
  3. cjmendoza

    Results Error

    Next time it happens, just move the cursor on top of the "data changed" and click on it. It will recompute and give you what you are looking for.
  4. You enter the baby-sitting income under other income.
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    Medical expenses

    This is my answer. Ufile automatically optimize the refund result, meaning whichever returns that can produce more refund it assigns the deduction thereon. Other expenses like homebuyer amount, donations and others are also treated that way.
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