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  1. "If the remainder belongs to your spouse, indicate whether you want the program to take it into account in preparing your spouse's return." I like this option. Where do I induicate it? In mine, or my wife's section. Thank you.
  2. 50% of my $200 income goes to somewhere. Could it go to my wife's income. Similarly, my wife's 50% income could possibly go to me. There, the original $200 total income becomes $400 for the family. I hope not. Could it?
  3. I am using your UFile for Tax return this year. I have an investment income, say, $200.00 which I share with my wife, 50-50. I report the $200 income, owning 50%. My wife also reports the same thing: $200 at 50%. Is there a possibility of double-counting the income, to $400.00? Thank you.
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