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  1. UFile needs the capability to transition a child dependent to an independent and separate file - It is absurd that Ufile does not have this capability. I am now looking for an alternative to Ufile.
  2. So it still drags on... I am now researching tax software that does allow an individual file for dependents so they can become separate individuals when they no longer are dependents. After 8 years UFile - I am done with you.

  3. I have a grown child that is now independant - I would like to create return that reflects this but does not loose past data. Did check last year and saw the thread requesting this. This cannot have been ignored by Ufile can it? It is an important issue for me.
  4. I have an RSP contribution slip as a result of LIRA to Riff transfer. Should l be able to include it as an RSP contribution and then deduct it as a contribution on Sched 7 line 11? Seems to be no way to do this in Ufile? If I include it as an RSP contribution there seems to be no way I can indicate it is a transfer from one RSP to another.
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