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  1. What about the previous year's file? You mean, I have to select either his or my file and then manually type in all the previous year's info as well as the other spouse's info? If so, how do I do this? And by that, I mean, what are the step-by-step instructions?
  2. The other way to look at my question is, how do I import my husband's completed 2012 return into my ufile to create 1 single ufile for my family?
  3. For the 2011 tax year, My husband and I each completed a completely separate ufile return. This screwed up our deductions as ufile claimed deductions for both of us that we were not otherwise eligible for. For 2012, we have each finished a separate 2012 tax return on ufile. How do we combine our separate files so that all the information is in one consolidated ufile and it calculates all the deductions properly?
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