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  1. Are you allowed to generate the .tax file and "upload" it to CRA's account website?
  2. Thanks for your help overtaxed ! OK, just to be sure it won't be considered an "over-contribution". The software results didn't complain, my refund increased by about $600... However now the crazy thing is the s/ware won't allow me to enter the exact amount in the 2013 contributions. I will try to force it to work...otherwise simply enter the full amount as a 2012 contribution !
  3. Hi Paula, Niether CRA, nor the company itself, nor the brokerage, nor ufile (3 Voice mails) were able to provide assistance. Easiest response was: "contact your accountant"... ufile? I tried different combinations: by trial and error process of elimination: Enter box: 34 as the income of the form, box 162 = (leave blank) Enter box: 20,21,22,23 = 0 (or the actual amounts), box 22 select limited partnership Enter box: 8 = 0 or 3 - limited partner Enter box 27: as the actual amount (though the form itself says leave blank - http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t5013-inst/t5013-inst-11e.pdf) Hope this helps
  4. -If my max limit for the year 2012 is 5000 (based on income) -I contribute 5000 for 2012 -My HBP repayment due in 2012 is 500 -To even out the payments for future years I increase the repayment to 1000. This is over and above the 5000 RRSP room. (Also, the remaining repayments now drop to 400) -Total contributions are now 5000 + 1000 = 6000 -In the software, I entered 5000 (max limit) as the total contribution in first 60 days and 1000 as a HBP repayment 1. It is not clear even on CRA's handbook example. (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/rc4135/rc4135-12e.pdf - Page 11) Shouldn't one be allowed to claim the full RRSP benefit for the current year i.e. 5000 and not claim the additional 1000 (because it was already claimed previously). I am technically replacing my own "borrowed balance". The 5000 is new room for the past/current year 2012. 2. Why does the software not take 1000 as a repayment separately? 3. Should I enter 6000 as my contribution to get the benefit of the rrsp refund? Probably, not because CRA will flag it 4. Should I enter 4000 as max contributed for 2012, plus 1000 as HBP repayment so as not to get flagged 4a. Carry forward 1000 contributed as next years contribution to get the credit. So if for 2013 my limit ends up being 6000. I contribute only 5000. Then claim the full 6000 (since I did not for the previous year) - then allocate the regular 400 as a HBP repayment. So 2013 would look like 5600 RRSP + 400 HBP
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