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  1. Could someone please advise, if my son is student and had some income in 2014 can I send his tax return with U-file electronically or need to be sent by mail? I tried and said rejected by government. If it is first time, need to be sent by mail?
  2. Hi, My son is a student and had income in 2014. I completed U-file for him as family member dependent and select yes for him in the CRA section for require tax return. When I click results the refund shows combined for me and my spouse. My son has to receive credit refund but it is not included as net income combines, his refund is listed only in tax return in U-file. Is this normal? Could someone help please. Thanks
  3. DanM

    Tuition fees

    Hi, Thanks for your time, the Ufile is transfering aumotically the amount to the parent from what I understand, so I don't have to fill any amount to the section with unused tuition.The only section I completed is tuition for the dependent, i.e.my son.
  4. DanM

    Tuition fees

    Thanks for your response, but it is somehow not clear for me this unused tuition meaning... I paid let's say 9000$ tuition fee for my son last year but this was for the entire academic year, my son didn't have any income, do I need to transfer any amount, he was eligible only for $4600 what about the difference, this will be on next year tax? Not sure if I have to fill anything in unused section.
  5. DanM

    Tuition fees

    My son is first year student and I'm using Ufile as for him listed as dependent. If I paid last year the tuition fees for the entire year can I claim whole or only for the months in 2012? Why is not showing any amount on line 323 - tuition, education on his tax return? Do I have to put anythng in my file at tuition education from a child since I have paid everything?Don't understand this section. Thanks
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