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  1. I'm filing taxes for me and my husband and I have selected for him to transfer taxable dividends to spouse in QuikClik Navigator -> Controls. For federal taxes everything is ok, and his refund was transfered to my balance owing. For Quebec taxes he has a refund as well, but it was not transfered. So there is nothing in his TP1 line 476 (Refund transferred to your spouse), but lines 474 and 478 (Refund) has amounts. Can you explain me why? Thank you!
  2. Hello! I'm self-employed workinf from home. So, in ufile online, in Self-employment income -> Home office expenses there are following fields: "Portion (%) of home that is used for personal purposes" - I know what it is, not a problem. but "*Percentage of heat and light expenses that is attributable to the personal use portion" - what does it mean?? And how to calculate this? Can anyone clarify this for me? Thank you!
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