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  1. Previous years, the ufile program had entries for box 14 and 15 from T4A(P) slips on the SAME form. For the 2012 tax year, for some inexplicable reason, ufile has separate box 14 and box 15 entries/forms. I am not a tax accountant and I relied on this stupid program to prompt me to enter my info from my slips properly. CRA only sent me ONE T4A(P) slip!!! So, why would I think that I need to enter my info in more than one location??? Furthermore, each of ufile's T4A(P) entries has a box 22 for taxes deducted. Where the hell am I suppose to enter here? Do I enter the same box 22 info on all the forms?? I just received a notice of assessment from the CRA stating that I was missing Box 15. I had to call my friend who's a CGA and he explained it to me. I'm so frustrated with ufile! They claim to be accurate and easy to use. They are neither! Now I have to refile my return and pay out a lot more money than expected! How do I get a refund for this software?
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