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  1. For the tuition credits, my wife let the system decide how much can she possibly transfer to spouse and it came up with an amount $2000. But I do not see this amount in line 326 of the summary page as explained in the help. She also transferred 1173 to her parents as part of Quebec schedule T. Could this be a reason why i didn't see anything on line 326 because there's a limit or clause of some kind? lastly is it true, that my wife cannot transfer amounts carried forward from previous years to me..?? and that i need to be 65 years old for her to transfer them..??
  2. Thank you for that. but i am also have had health insurance from my company all year 2012. do i still need to pay this amount..??
  3. Hi, my wife has no income but at line 448 in the results, it shows up that she owes $200 for Health contributions. I can understand that amount for myself since i do have an earning, but why is it coming up for my wife. Is this a glitch in the system or perfectly alright..??
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