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  1. This is re the 2019 tax year filing, but there doesn't appear to be a forum for that yet. I keep getting this error message: "The amount in box 048 of the T4A slip must also be reported within the corresponding business as self-employment income." I checked my various T4A entries and none of them show any amount in box 048. Do I have to enter $0 as self-employment income? Or what? Thanks for any help.
  2. For the past few years i have run ufile on windows 7 running under virtualbox on an old iMac. This year, I am unable to netfile, because "netfile opens Feb 24..." (see attached screen grab ufile1.tiff). although file was generated today (see attached screen grab ufile2.tiff), so it does know the correct date.. Any suggested workarounds? (my next step is to reinstall on my daughters windows computer, and go from there, but social distancing prevents that right now!) ufile1.tiff ufile2.tiff
  3. Hello, im wondering is someone on the online community good help me? I’m using ufile for window, trying to netfile personal tax return. I’m getting a “rejected” message... on the Netfile tab, I’ve checked the terms & conditions box, click on netfile my return then I get... I get error message that says... Rejected Mar 16, 2020 The request was aborted. Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Please help,
  4. I have successfully filed my wife's return, but when I try to file my own, I get 'Rejected' , 'Unable to process at this time'. there are no warning messages on my return. any suggestions?
  5. I submitted a tax return by netfile and the return was accepted with a confirmation number generated. I am now in a dispute with CRA that will require I submit a complaint. I would like to include a complete history of the issue. When I go into the UFile for that tax year I cam see that the Netfile was sent and I can get the confirmation number, but it doesn't say when the netfile was submitted. Is there any way to get this filing date? Is there a log or something I can review?
  6. I am being asked for the Notice of Assessment Number from one of my two previous years in order to Netfile for Quebec. This is the first time I have earned income in Quebec (from another province) and my first return in that province. Is this Notice of Assessment Number from a Quebec document I have never seen before or is it something I should be able to find on a previous federal Notice of Assessment?
  7. I have tried repeatedly to download the immediate assessment after completing my netfile. The error is “cannot connect to CRA server”. tech supports solution - go to starbucks and try it from there! anyone else?
  8. Ufile says that I can't Netfile my wife's Federal return. There are no errors on the return itself, but I get the following message in the Review section: A tax return was generated. However, the errors below prevent the transmission of your declaration. You cannot currently NETFILE the federal return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections when possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotes a NETFILE exclusion (i.e. the return cannot be transmitted). You entered business partner income or adjustments. A taxpayer with 100 perc
  9. It will not let me netfile a return. My mother is 66 and elected to stop paying CPP for 2017. But because her CPP contributions are 0, it doesn't allow me to netfile. She is not "exempt" from CPP but is not paying it. I believe this to be a programming error and it should allow me to netfile as I have filled out the proper sections to show that she elected to stop paying CPP (Form CPT30, filled out in the interview section). I should also mention that she does have a small pensionable earnings amount in box 26. I can get a work around, but it is falsifying the return. If I enter 0 fo
  10. I am wondering if there's a way to resubmit a return that's already been submitted and assessed? Case: We had two T4s come in late, after we had submitted our returns. The adjustments aren't overwhelming, but need to be done. I made the changes and inserted the T4s to the appropriate profile. The adjustments appear in the Federal Return that I have printed, but I wanted to submit it electronically since I've paid for that service. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if this simply is not a feature available to UFile. If it's available via UFile, I would appreciate any
  11. I posted this in another section of forum but noticed it is more active here. So please don't hurt me for the double post. ================================================================================================ I believe this is a bug, as I am not getting any errors. I filed both mine and my spouse's federal returns successfully (Status: File Accepted). But when I get to the Quebec Netfiling part, my status says Ready for filing and my spouse's status says File rejected. I got this error because I initially put in the incorrect NOA number for my wife, but corrected it after
  12. I believe this is a bug, as I am not getting any errors. I filed both mine and my spouse's federal returns successfully (Status: File Accepted). But when I get to the Quebec Netfiling part, my status says Ready for filing and my spouse's status says File rejected. I got this error because I initially put in the incorrect NOA number for my wife, but corrected it after and it was then accepted and I got a reference number and everything for her, but it still says rejected for some odd reason. Now, when I go file my Quebec return, and I input my NOA number and submit, it takes me to my wife'
  13. I am attempting to file my parent's income tax returns. Neither of their incomes net or taxable is NIL. The program states that my father's return cannot be netfiled unless he confirms that the Federal and Income of his spouse are nil. To correct the problem the program brings me to a page that states, I delcare Net Income of spouse to be nil. choices are Yes or No. I have input NO to both and it does not correct the problem. I am reluctant to check the boxes as Yes, because the income is NOT nil. How do I correct the problem and still file an truthful return?
  14. My wife worked in 2017 as an employee of the employment agency on two occasions, having her own sole proprietor business. On the report I entered all numbers from two T4s she got. On both of them line 14 is empty, lines 16 and 18 have certain amounts and the actual income's shown in line 81. I also entered exact sum of these two incomes (from box 81) into form T2125 (as an business income, where required). As a result I got the following messages on the review page: Errors: You cannot currently NETFILE the federal return.<...> Your tax return contains negative entries on lines
  15. Tax14

    ReFile NETFILE

    I read on CRA website that since Feb 26, 2018, they are giving option to re NETFILE (they call it ReFILE). Well, my question is: after I have NETFILEd my 2017 return today, I discovered that I forgot to include something. Can I re NETFILE my return after making changes to my return? If yes, how does it work?
  16. I submitted my 2017 tax return via NetFile on Feb 28, 2018. I opted for the Express NOA option (Notice of Assessment) - which indicated that upon filing, I would receive access to my NOA immediately. Well, I submitted my return and UFile showed it was successful (Ref# obtained), but they didn't provide me with any NOA. Now, it may be because of the timing (Feb 28, 2018 and technically RRSP season remains open on March 1, 2018), but that wasn't mentioned in the system when selected the option for Express NOA. I then went to the CRA site (the following day) and CRA was no
  17. Just an FYI for anyone looking for info. Peter Toronto, Canada
  18. Hello, I'm currently experiencing an issue when submitting a netfile for my spouse. Rejected March 17, 2017 3:09 PM Error code(s):16Your records with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) indicate that you are filing an income tax return for the first time. Please indicate in your software that you are filing an income tax return with the CRA for the first time, and enter your Given Name (if applicable), Second Name (if applicable), and Family Name in the name fields and try to retransmit your return. I've already included the information the error code says to do, but i
  19. Rejected March 10, 2017 5:53 PM The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. Using online Ufile. Tried on Windows 7, Windows 10 IE Explorer, Chrome, and , Mac using Safari. Turned off Firewall and AV. Used online software for several years to file my families returns and this is the first time I have had a problem.
  20. For some reason, UFile Windows is giving me a warning that I cannot Netfile my 7-year-old's Federal Return because: "A response indicating whether you are a Canadian citizen is required." Of course he has no income and he is the 2nd of two dependent children. This error does not appear for my older child who is also a dependent. I did a search and found some fixes regarding this issue dating back from 2013. Is this really a long-standing bug that UFile has not corrected? I have tried the proposed fixes which include: (1) Changing the dependent's date of birth to enable th
  21. I completed my tax return and used the netfile to submit my tax returns. I was successful with my Federal tax return but when I used netfile for the Quebec return I go the following message. The request was aborted. Could not create SSL / TLS secure channel Of course I can't get any reply from "Ufile client service" so I am asking if anyone can help me with this issue. Thanks.
  22. Greetings I have to write here because after MORE THAN A WEEK technical support, named John, has not been capable of read my e-mails, and I'm really frustrated because we are at 5 days before dead line, Ive already payed the online declaration to UFILE and for the moment, the technical support and customer support HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE I can't Netfile my Quebec return. This is the message I receive: You cannot currently NetFile your Quebec return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections when possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotesa NE
  23. If you are using Windows Vista with Ufile to netfile your returns, and both or one of them get rejected, please download the patch file from this link: http://cdn.drtax.ca/...le2015-1921.exe install and update Ufile 2015, then try netfiling. It should work. It worked fine for me.
  24. I opened the software and have updated successfully. I have completed my return and the tax calculations were successfully completed as shown at the bottom left of the results, however, when I go to Step 5 NETFILE and clicked "Next", nothing happens. No warnings or errors, just a plain blank page. What is wrong? I also had to reinstall software because it froze, in fact - several times. I've used UFile for several years now and this is the first time that I encountered these problems, and NO PHONE NUMBER to call for help.
  25. "The first digit of the message number on the left identifies one of your financial statements. One of the following situations exists on your return: 1) The start date and/or end date of your fiscal period is not entered in the YYYYMMDD Format or the date entered is not valid. Please make sure that valid dates are entered in the YYYYMMDD format. 2) The year of the fiscal period end date of your AgriStability/AgriInvest financial statement is not valid. Please make sure the year for the end date is the year of the return you are filing. A financial statement is one or more of the following f
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