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Found 57 results

  1. If you are using Windows Vista with Ufile to netfile your returns, and both or one of them get rejected, please download the patch file from this link: http://cdn.drtax.ca/...le2015-1921.exe install and update Ufile 2015, then try netfiling. It should work. It worked fine for me.
  2. Hi. Ufile has accepted by tax return and indicates i can proceed with filing via Netfile. When I file my return I get the following error: REJECTED: date/time The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue??? Please help
  3. I opened the software and have updated successfully. I have completed my return and the tax calculations were successfully completed as shown at the bottom left of the results, however, when I go to Step 5 NETFILE and clicked "Next", nothing happens. No warnings or errors, just a plain blank page. What is wrong? I also had to reinstall software because it froze, in fact - several times. I've used UFile for several years now and this is the first time that I encountered these problems, and NO PHONE NUMBER to call for help.
  4. Trying to file tax return for 3 days now. I have Windows 7. Yesterday the message was: Rejected "The underlying connection was closed: The connection closed unexpectedly." Today still rejected, but totally new message: "Your account is locked. Please call Canada Revenue Agency e-services helpdesk" Anybody has any feedback on that?
  5. When preparing our tax return the entries for my spouse I receive this warning: You have to confirm in the MaxBack controls page of the family head file that the spouse or common-law partner amount on line 498 of Schedule 1-A is NIL. Click here. You have to confirm in the MaxBack controls page of the family head file that the amounts transferred from your spouse or common-law partner on line 499 of Schedule 1-A is NIL. Click here. However I've filled in everything in the MaxBack Control for both myself and my spouse. Any suggestions as I apparently won't be able to Netfile if this is unresolved.
  6. I am filing tax returns for ppl other than myself. Did not have any issues in the past as I have been doing these returns for years. But this year when I get to the CRA site to NetFile it is requiring my code for being an authorized representative (which I am). I have the codes connected to the MyAccount of those who I am filing for, but I cannot see where this code needs to go in the file from UFile. Anyone? Thanks for your time.
  7. So I can't file my return via Netfile. According to the program: The Netfile Service for Tax Year 2015 will open February 15, 2016. Please return on or after that date to use Netfile. It's now March 8, 2016. My computer is set correctly as well. UPDATE: I entered my activation code. When I head to the NETFILE section it says: You must update to the UFile 2015 Netfile version. This software was created before the government started certifying for NETFILE. Certification happens early February. Where do I get the update?
  8. After a few frustrating days on such a slow slow system ... I have managed to get to where this online version gives my results. BUT when I go to try and pay to use the NETFile service, i get onto a new screen asking for 'buy now'. I select it ... and it gives me another screen - "Payment not required - hyper link to go back " and thats it. I can't go any further!!! Of note, my Alberta Tax Credits info in the tabbed left hand part of the screen is still BOLDED. The system / software calculates this info. What am I doing wrong!!?? This s/w this year is the PITTS!!! Looking to go somewhere else soon ( next year) from the lack of assistance their help desk provides! UGH!!! Soooo frustrated!!
  9. TAX RETURN REJECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Unable to access the internet. This may be due to a fire wall or a virus protection program. Unable to continue. I am using freshly installed WindowsXP with service pack 3. no antivirus program nor firewall. Just to make sure I also disabled firewall in my router to see if that made any difference. I am still getting the same message.
  10. I've nearly completed my 2014 taxes but have a question about one of the MaxBack controls regarding the Family Tax Cut. All of our information, income and deductions are entered into UFile Online, and I've paid to file our return. The last issue is that UFile says I cannot Netfile because: You have to confirm that the spouse or common-law partner amount on line 498 of Schedule 1-A is NIL. The question it wants answered is: If applicable, please select Yes to confirm that the spouse or common-law partner amount is NIL. (see your Schedule 1-A, line 498) I'm the primary earner, and my tax return's line 498 is not NIL, but my wife's is NIL. It seems to me that I must then answer NO to the above question. However I cannot Netfile when I do this. It seems that I still qualify for the Family Tax Cut, and it is applied to my tax return. Is this correct? Did I answer this correctly, and does this in fact prevent me from using Netfile?
  11. I'm using UFILE 2014.1812+ and was having issues when calculating the results. I keep getting the following warning despite the fact it's already March and there were no other warnings or errors coming up. --- The NETFILE service for tax year 2014 will open on February 10, 2015. Please return on or after that date to file using NETFILE. --- I tried with carrying forward an existing 2013 file and just creating a new file from scratch with the same results. I've been trying to look the online support and forums and couldn't find any similar topics. Anybody else having a similar issue, or know of possible workarounds? Thank you in advance.
  12. I got "Not eligibled to file your federal return using net File", I check the note, there is no where marked with *.
  13. Hi there, I'm preparing my return along with my spouse for the first time, and I'm confused about one requirement on the "Controls" section. The instruction says: "If applicable, please select Yes to confirm that your spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL" This question is repeated for provincial/territorial income. Why do I have to confirm my spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL? Because it most certainly isn't.... But if I answer "no", I'm afraid I won't be able to NETFILE. The help section says: "This is a mandatory requirement from CRA for NETFILE, you have to answer YES to this question to confirm the calculation done by the program, UFile will prompt you to do so in the NETFILE section when you calculate and access the Results page." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. The program won't allow me to file electronically to Revenu Quebec because it says: "The taxpayer is requesting an election with respect to the completion of their return.*" It just says this and nothing else. I don't understand what this means. The asterix doesn't lead anywhere. How can I find to know which "election" it's referring to?
  15. I am Getting this error when I try to netfile The Soap Extension Library is not installed. The Soap Extension Library is not installed The Files can be found in the U File CD in tools/Soap Box 3.0 unable to continue Any help here
  16. In previous years I've had to generate a .TAX file with UFile and then upload (attach) this .TAX file when I submitted my tax return electronically via NETFILE. This year I was not prompted to upload a .TAX file but the NETFILE submission seems to have gone through and I was given a confirmation number that indicates that my tax return has been correctly submitted. Are .TAX files being uploaded to the CRA automatically this year for 2014 tax returns? The UFile Help file at https://secure.drtax.ca/ufile/2014/help/hlp_netfile.htm#xmit doesn't appear to have been updated for any change in the submission process.
  17. I changed jobs midway through 2014, and as a result have a significant CPP overpayment. I also have a very small amount of self-employment income. When I enter the self-employment income, the CPP overpayment line goes blank on my Tax Results page, and I get the following "Warning:" You have CPP contributions on self-employment and other earnings with CPP contributions on employment income. The result of the CPP contributions payable on self-employment and other earnings of Schedule 8 is negative. You may have an overpayment. In this situation, the CRA does not want an amount on line 448 and wants to calculate it for you. At the bottom of the Tax Results page it says that I am eligible Netfile. However, my question is: If I submit my tax return through Netfile, will I be refunded the CPP overpayment automatically, or will they just send me the amount owing without the CPP overpayment, and I will have to file an adjustment? Thanks!
  18. I tried doing all the solutions I found in the forums regarding this problem but I'm not able to still fix it. I probably am doing something wrong or not understanding the process... "You cannot currently netfile your federal return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections if possible... You entered an invalid NCAIS code for a business (self-employement). Click here to fix or a T5013 slip. My situation: Wife - 1 business (sole proprietorship) - NAICS 418900 Husband - 2 businesses (both sole proprietorship) - NAICS 517910 and 561722 What I already checked: checked - all the NAICS are the new updated codes checked - all are sole proprietorship not partnership Note: I noticed though that when I change the wife's NAICS to one of the husbands'... then it works. so... what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  19. On a second T4 there was no CPP or EI withheld and the person is not exempt, boxes 16 and 24 are 0.00. but overall this person has already overpaid the total allowable for both CPP and EI. yet this is given as the reason why he can not NetFile electronically? How is this possible?
  20. MyklLawk

    First time filer

    I am submitting a tax return for my daughter for the first time. I'm getting the following error when I submit. "The information sent to the Canada Revenue agency doesn't match the information currently on record." I have spoken with the CRA's e-Services Helpdesk who instructed me to confirm that the identifying information is correct. I have confirmed that the first and last name, social insurance number, and date of birth are all correct. Please advise.
  21. Ufile continues to Say that I am not eligible for NETFILE even though I have corrected it several times. it continues to say that because my spouse immigrated in 2013, I am not eligible for NETFILE. I have corrected this option several times, but the error is not going away. I even tried resetting that specific page, but no luck. What should I do? P.S. I have already paid for the return, so I do not think it would be wise to reset ALL my tax information. HELP A GIRL IN NEED!!
  22. i am not able to net-file because i have a T4A with amounts in lines 020 and 028 both of which need to be entered in self employed income, which they are. Is there any way to correct this so that i can then net-file? thanks for your time.
  23. Hi I need help. I had no income in 2013. Ufile showed that I need to tick the box 'I had no income from any source in 2013' on the Interview Setup page, in order to NetFile my federal return. However I cannot find this box on the Interview Setup page or on any other page.
  24. I recently completed a Netfile of my daughter's first return. However, when I submitted the Netfile to CRA, it came back and said "failed" because it did not recognize the City name. The city name is St. John's, but it was submitting as "St. John s" (no apostrophe). There was nowhere inside Ufile to change the name. The only way I could fix was to go into the actual Netfile file and manually retype the City name. CRA then accepted. My concern is that next year when it brings forward the City name I may well have the same problem again. What's further interesting about this scenario is that UFile appears to have gathered up the address/community information from my wife and/or my own entry in UFile, yet our Netfiles went through just time. At no point during the Ufile interview for my daughter did it even prompt for address information. With the error, there also didn't appear to be anywhere where I could back and manually overwrite.
  25. I tried submitting my file to the CRA using ufile's automatic netfile method. It returned that the government rejected my filing and I would need to fix the errors. In the display window to show the "errors" it was empty and no errors were found. I followed up with a manual filing; the CRA website returned that I had already filed and provided me with the confirmation number. I called the CRA and they confirmed that it had been filed. The CRA believes that there is an error in the software. It sounds as though I've not been the first person to have this happen based on the conversation with the CRA agent. As there's no nice email address in which I can send this feedback to you: It's being posted, publicly, on this forum as my only way to provide feedback of an issue with your software.
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