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Found 57 results

  1. I receive the error message below: The amount in T4A box 048 must also be reported as T2125 business income. I had entered some information mistakenly (it should not have been entered as 048 but instead 028)- I went back and deleted the T4A forms and reentered the information correctly. But it is still giving me the information above. Is there another way to delete that information? Thanks for any help out there!
  2. Hi, I always get the error: "Your tax return contains negative entries on lines where they are not permitted for NetFile purposes." on the result page, and it tells me i cannot currently NetFile. I've reviewed my tax return lines many times for everyone in my family. I cannot find any negative entries. What's wrong with it??? Is it uFile's bug? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi After filling up everything for myself, wife and two kids - the result page says there is a warning for for one my little ones - "A response indicates whether you are Canadian citizen or not is required" and because of that I cannot file NetFile for one of the dependents. Now I went back number of times for the kids interview section and there is no where it asks for if you are a Canadian citizen or not. In fact the whole "CRA Questions" section is missing for both dependent. I've already provided the SIN number for both the kids but still it won't let me file and it won't tell where I need fill the information ( its just an information line and not a link). Could somebody help Thanks
  4. I have been using Netfile for years with no problems. This year, I am getting the warning: Ufile has automatically optimized your tax return in the following area(s): > The amount deducted as QPP contribution on the federal tax return is the amount actually deducated at source on the T4 slip by the employer. The amount deducted as QPP contributions on the Quebec tax return is the amount that should have been deducted at source on the RL-1 slip by the employer. If the employer did not deduct a sufficient amount for QPP purposes on the employee's pay, the position of the ministère du Revenue du Québec's is that the employer is responsible for paying the balance, and the employee is therefore entitled to his/her full credit. T4 Box 17 and Releve 1 Box B are identical but I am only asked to enter T4 Box 17. The Optimizer has somehow decided that I owe more for QPP contributions that are on the tax receipts. How do I get around this or turn off the Optimizer?
  5. Hi . I had a severance package and overpaid CPP for the year. Now program ltells me to check my T4 income and wion`t let me Netfile. CRA says its not an issue for them. Anyone have a fix. I figure I am owed about $300 in CPP overpayment.
  6. On all returns we are getting a message that we are not eligible to file because "the Netfile service will open on February 13, 2013. Please return on or after that date". Hello: it's April... This seems to be a new bug; we didn't get that message before a recent upgrade. Not quite ready to file yet, so I haven't tried, and don't know if this is a false alarm. BCK
  7. Eva

    I cannot NETFILE

    I have been trying to file my taxes all day, but I am getting an error. It says the attached file is not in the correct format, but I checked and double checked the file, it is the correct file. It has the .tax extension. I called Revenue Canada and I am being told to contact Ufile as it seems it is a software issue. I filed my sister's taxes using the same software and it went through just fine.
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