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Found 4 results

  1. I got married in 2016 and I am sponsoring my husband to come to Canada. When I mention my status as married the system asks for my husband's federal income. I can't find any options to choose for a married resident whose spouse is not a resident. Can anyone help?
  2. We have joint custody. I was the head in previosu years. When importing previous tax years there is no quick way to 'seperate' I deleted the sppouse as a dependant and created a new file for her. Do I add the same dependants under her and split all the costs or we each take one kid(seems stupid, what if you had three?)
  3. Dear All There is a serious problem with the UFile 2015 (As well UFile 2014): I have dependants (my parents: father and mother). However, in both UFile 2015 and UFile2014: there is not the selection "married" in the Dependant ID -> Dependant identification -> Marital Status on December 31, 2015 (2014). The current selections are "single, Widowed, Separated, divorced". I selected "Single" in UFile2014, then I got lots of headaches: I had to call and wrote many letters to the Federal and Quebec revenue to modify the marriage status for my father and mother. There was not such error in UFile 2013 and before. The same error is still in UFile 2015!!! Could you please fix this error and send me the patch file of UFile2015 as soon as possible? Thank you, and have a nice day.
  4. dba12345

    Dependant parents

    My parents are dependants living with us I have claimed them in the past. This year the program field in dependent identification marital status will not allow me to claim them as married. Is there an error in the program. I had a problem with my file from last year I just received a notice that the dependents claimed the $75 sales tax credit twice. ufile did this even though they were claimed as married.
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