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Found 4 results

  1. "Net federal income of your spouse or common-law partner before the separation (line 236 of his or her return) Warning: Do not use an estimated income below the actual." For this section in Ex-Spouse, do I use my ex-wife's earnings up to the date we separated? Or her entire line 236 for the 2016 year? We separated January 15, 2016 officially and I am uncertain what to place in this box. Total for 2016, or earnings up to Jan 15, 2016? Thanks for any directions, or assistance. Shawn B
  2. Okay, so what happens if a couple separates or divorces in a year? If they were part of the same Ufile tax file in the previous year, and now they have separated/divorced, how do you import previous year's tax data now? Does Ufile automatically split the current year's data into two separate files, once the status changes from married to separated? Similarly, what happens when someone gets married or remarried, and they had separate Ufile tax files previously, do they import the two separate files and turn them into a single file?
  3. Hey, I've been separated for a few years now and finally got the divorce finalized in 2013. It's a bit tricky to gather the income information for her that Ufile is asking me, and regardless of that it seems to want to give me deductions based on her income if it's too low (which it likely is). We haven't lived together since 2011 so I don't see how this is relevant. Is this really a requirement of the CRA? And if she did make a low amount of money why am I getting a tax benefit from it?
  4. How do I fill in for a divorced wife's ex-husband income if she doesn't know and doesn't communicate with her ex-husband anymore? Also, for international students whose S.I.N start with '0', the system will not allow to submit their tax files by showing invalid S.I.N. However, the student was able to submit her tax return through other software in the past years with this same S.I.N. Can someone please help with the 2 issues above?
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