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Found 40 results

  1. I've used UFile Online for several years and started my 2015 Tax Return today (10-Mar-2016) using my default Mozilla Firefox 45.0 browser. Every time I try to Close or Sign out from the application (i.e., under the gear icon in top right corner) I see the following message: Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
  2. This has been happening since the new Online came out and I entered my first bit of information. I figured it might go away as I filled in more, but alas, it has not. This is a real pain, please fix ASAP.
  3. Hi, I tried to file my Ufile Residence Credit under Ontario tax and credits the same way I've been doing for years. This year, however, the program fails to report my Real estate taxes paid on my Ufile tax report, whereas I used to have the paid amount shown on my Box 6112. I've sent multiple request for inquiries to Ufile but have no response If this a bug that should be addressed by Ufile? Thanks
  4. When I try to install Ufile 2014 I immediately get the error message "An error occurred installing the package. Windows Installer returned '1612'." I've tried to reinstall windows installer to no change what is the problem here and how can it be fixed?
  5. In filing for 2013, I keep getting the warning "You did not enter a NAICS (North American industry classification system) code for a business (self-employment)." in the results section. I am using a proper code (711512) and have been for years with no error. I have tried multiple times on different browsers and different computers with no success. Please advise on how to fix this problem
  6. I am using UFile Windows. I have an artist grant to report. In the T4A form, the amount is shown in the "Other Information" section with the Code "105". The amount is not transferred to Line 130 properly. Here is what I have done: Add a new TA4 form under the "Pension income,T4A, split pension" section In the other information section, Select [105] F130 Artist's project grants, and enter the amount such as $5,000 In the Results tab, the Line 130 is $0. (it should show $4,500.) In the "Tax Return" tab, click the "Worksheet(Federal)". In the "Line 130" calculation section, the Exemption is $5,000. It should be $500 (basic exemption amount). This is an error. The Exemption is always 100% regardless the amount I put. UFile2013 calculated the exemption correctly.
  7. cjvprovost

    Error Message

    When I press next after Entering a T4 Slip I get a error message that causes UFILE to close "it say a error has occurred.............."
  8. I have a T4A form that has data only in fields 18 and 22. When I try to enter this in UFile along with the name of the issuer of the form, it doesn't accept it and says I have a required field missing. However, there is no indication of which field it is that is required. Can anyone advise what I am missing here? Thanks.
  9. Ufile continues to Say that I am not eligible for NETFILE even though I have corrected it several times. it continues to say that because my spouse immigrated in 2013, I am not eligible for NETFILE. I have corrected this option several times, but the error is not going away. I even tried resetting that specific page, but no luck. What should I do? P.S. I have already paid for the return, so I do not think it would be wise to reset ALL my tax information. HELP A GIRL IN NEED!!
  10. Have the 4 return version. Apparenty punched in something incorrect because when try to file sent 2 of the 4 four returns, says cra information doesn't match up. Checked and double check again with me still having no idea what is incorrect for one of them. The second I hit the wrong birthdate. It would seem that the program as long as I make an attempt to (auto) file the return is counted. Tried to use the contact us page, but of course shows up as a internal error. So no one can contact them. If would have known, then would have spent the extra $10 ($20 for 4, $30 for 12 for the 12 version. Since had to buy more returns from the online store anyway. Since now phone, and website support doesn't exist. I love how if you pay for the 12 return version, yet if need support, have to pay long distance charges. Real impressed this year. Looks like will defineatly be looking for a different program for next year. It's a shame because never had major issues using this software for the past 8 years. Not impressed.
  11. I tried submitting my file to the CRA using ufile's automatic netfile method. It returned that the government rejected my filing and I would need to fix the errors. In the display window to show the "errors" it was empty and no errors were found. I followed up with a manual filing; the CRA website returned that I had already filed and provided me with the confirmation number. I called the CRA and they confirmed that it had been filed. The CRA believes that there is an error in the software. It sounds as though I've not been the first person to have this happen based on the conversation with the CRA agent. As there's no nice email address in which I can send this feedback to you: It's being posted, publicly, on this forum as my only way to provide feedback of an issue with your software.
  12. Husband and I both tried to file our returns and got the same error message: I've double-checked everything. My only T4 is for income earned in Quebec and 5549 is for income earned outside of Quebec so it's supposed to be blank. I don't know what the problem is. We both tried to Netfile manually but that didn't work either. I see that others are having a similar problem, getting error messages when they try to file. I've been using UFile for years and have never had this problem. Help!
  13. Hi there! Schedule 6 - WITB does not seem to be calculating properly. According to CRA rules I would be considered an eligible spouse for my wife, and she can claim WITB. I was a part-time student last year, and if I fill Sch11 as if I was a part-time student, her schedule 6 has the "Claim basic WITB" box automatically NOT checked, thus resulting in $0 receivable. On the other hand, if I say that I was a full-time student, which is not true, that box in her Sch 6 is checked and she is entitled to $584. Based on CRA Guide and even based on what is described in Sch 6 from UFILE, shouldn't that box be checked in both cases as the type and length of my study program shouldn't affect box 391 in her schedule 6, but boxes 21 and 24? Can someone check this for me? Thank you!
  14. Help! I am unsure why my NAICS (North American industry classification system) code for a business (self-employment) is not accepted. I am a Freelance Graphic designer, so what is the problem? Please see link. You cannot currently NetFile your federal return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections where possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotes a NetFile exclusion (i.e. your return cannot be transmitted). You entered an invalid NAICS (North American industry classification system) code for a business (self-employment). Click here to fix or a T5013/T5013A slip.
  15. Hi, I'm getting an error that "at least one mandatiry field is left blank" on the page that has only ONE mandatory field, and that one has been filled. The field in question is "*Gross sales, commissions or fees". What could be causing this error, considering there are digits entered in it?
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