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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I have a 7-year old son, and he was always shown as my dependent in all the years when I use Ufile for tax filing. but in 2017 tax return, I am missing amount for line 305 “amount for an eligible dependent”, and there is also no schedule 5 generated like previous years. Under “control” panel, I already selected “yes” to “pls confirm your dependent’s income is Nil”. can anyone help? This never happened before. Thanks.
  2. Torsten

    Lines 305 and 367

    My wife and I legally separated in 2013 and live in different households. We have two sons, aged 11 and 10 and we have joint custody and joint guardianship for our children. The children spent 50% with each parent. We have a legally signed separation agreement which states that neither parent is required to make spousal or child support payments since we have joint custody and similar incomes. Since we have two sons under the age of 18, can we both make a tax claim for Lines 305 and 367 each year or can only one of us make these claims? For example, can my wife claim Lines 305 and 367 for our 11 year old for the 2015 tax year and can I claim Lines 305 and 367 for our 10 year old for the same 2015 tax year?
  3. I have a dependent child, born 1006 or later, with no physical, mental impairment, there does not seem to be a deduction on the federal or provincial tax sections. do I need to fill out a schedule 5? if so how do I access this. I entered her info as a dependent. What am I doing wrong?
  4. What am I missing? I am the family head and have added a daughter as a dependent. She is a student and earned less than $10,822 (Province=Sk) in income, but none of the remaining balance transferred to the parent under line 305. Thus it does not match what I did on the paper forms. The income was entered for the daughter, but there is no schedule 5 to complete the calculation manually, and the program is not calculating and adding it automatically back to me, the parent. Any suggestions on what I am missing? Thanks for your replies,
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