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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I keep getting this message: "Your province or territory of residence on December 31 is other than Quebec – The calculated CPP contributions on line 30800 on page 6 of the return plus the deduction for CPP enhanced contributions on line 22215 on page 4 plus the calculated CPP overpayment on line 44800 on page 8, whichever is applicable, does not equal your CPP contributions on line 50340 from box 16 of all your T4 slips." I don't know how to correct the issue? I am self employed and work for an employer. The form keeps putting my T4 employer CPP contributions into my self employed CPP where I do not have any, so it says the numbers do not match up. How do I stop this from happening so I can submit my claim? Thank you, Tessah
  2. Hi, There are two T4 slips, and two RL-1 for the taxpayer. There is no BOX 16 on the T4 Slips. I already reviewed both G and 26 BOXES for both T4 slips and the amount has been entered correctly. I don't get where is the error that Ufile is blocking me from Netfiling the tax return.
  3. I have a follow up question related to the situation I described in my posting regarding Self Employed Box 81 T2125. I informed the program that I had filed a CPT30 to opt out of CPP contributions for 2013. The effective date of the opt out I put in the program was July 1, 2013 (which is 6 weeks prior to the start of the engagement.) The agency deducted CPP (and EI) contributions, which I entered into the T4 form in the general income section. I then completed the T2125 as discussed above. My expectation was that having entered these various pieces of information that the Ufile program would determine that the (agency) deducted CPP would be considered an overpayment of CPP and that the program would recover/refund me these contributions (which is what I am trying to achieve). When I view the summary information there is no recovery/refund of the CPP contributions that were deducted in error. How can I remedy this and get these rerecovered/refunded by the Ufile program? Thanks.
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