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  1. Dear All There is a serious problem with the UFile 2015 (As well UFile 2014): I have dependants (my parents: father and mother). However, in both UFile 2015 and UFile2014: there is not the selection "married" in the Dependant ID -> Dependant identification -> Marital Status on December 31, 2015 (2014). The current selections are "single, Widowed, Separated, divorced". I selected "Single" in UFile2014, then I got lots of headaches: I had to call and wrote many letters to the Federal and Quebec revenue to modify the marriage status for my father and mother. There was not such error in
  2. I'm using uFile online. I'm keep getting this error when hit tab 3 "review" or tab 4 "Tax Return". I already paid but unable to e-file my returns because of this error. I'm so frustrated. "An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response to https://dtdcbencal003.dttax.local:55612/CalcService.svc. This could be due to the service endpoint binding not using the HTTP protocol. This could also be due to an HTTP request context being aborted by the server (possibly due to the service shutting down). See server logs for more details." Anyone else has encountered it?
  3. Have several returns in progress. had to purchase new PC. Installed old hard drive in new PC. Tried to continue with returns, the Step 3 Review works, but Step 4, Tax Return, gives the error message "OOps, something has gone wrong. Need help getting out of this error.
  4. I have a foreign property that generates income but has a negative net income (with interest expenses being incurred in Canada and in the foreign country). Initially, I completed both a T776, and the Foreign Property Income statement under the T1135 interview setup. Since I have other Canadian rental properties, the addition of the T776 triggered a NetFile error -- I had a total of 6 T776s but Ufile said I couldn't efile because of a rule that "more than 6" business statements have to paper file. So, I deleted the T776 and kept the T1135 and the accompanying Foreign rental income
  5. You are reporting more than 6 business schedules, T777, and TL2 statements. *
  6. It will not let me netfile a return. My mother is 66 and elected to stop paying CPP for 2017. But because her CPP contributions are 0, it doesn't allow me to netfile. She is not "exempt" from CPP but is not paying it. I believe this to be a programming error and it should allow me to netfile as I have filled out the proper sections to show that she elected to stop paying CPP (Form CPT30, filled out in the interview section). I should also mention that she does have a small pensionable earnings amount in box 26. I can get a work around, but it is falsifying the return. If I enter 0 fo
  7. Hello, I recently filed my mother's tax return. She had some net capital losses from prior years that I wanted to use against a capital gain that occurred in 2017. When I filed, I accidently claimed them on line 252 (non-capital loss from prior years) instead of line 253 (net capital loss from prior years). I see that there is an option on CRA's online portal to change a return. Is CRA online the best way to make a change? Or should I do it through U File? Do I need to be worried that this error will trigger an audit? Do I only need to change the two lines in question (2
  8. I have completed filling in my taxes but receiving this error: UFile cannot claim a deduction for the child care expenses you entered. I have 2 children in child care which I entered into their own profiles but the system is not allowing me to proceed and file my taxes. I am not getting any assistance by email and on hold for an hour and the system hangs up.
  9. I am preparing a T2 and get 2 error messages which state :The sum for this field is greater than the required maximum. When I click to resolve the error both error messages lead me to the same page - the 'Shareholder- Individual' form. I'm not sure what 'sum' to look at. Can someone help?
  10. Orlhay

    Error message

    When I try to access my 2016 tax return on Ufile online, I get the following error message: "an error occurred while executing the command definition. See the inner exception for details" Has anyone come across this? Help!!!!
  11. UFile won't let me finish the interview stage, presumably because I have left fields empty or not filled them in properly. The error message at the bottom of the screen says Both fields must be filled and when I click on Click here to fix it directs me to the Interest paid on student loans page. I have entered the correct number for interest paid on a student loan in 2015 and left the others blank or put zeros. Nothing seems to work; it won't accept the data and move on to the Review stage. Anyone else encounter this?
  12. Hi, I'm filling out a return for myself and my daughter. My daughter has an amount for the WITB line 453 that she is not eligible for. She is a full-time student. I've filled in her education amounts, so I don't know why she's getting this result. I can't find a way to remove it. I've written to customer service and the response I got was that if she's not eligible, the programme won't say she is. ???? Obviously not. Is it because her father (parent not processed) will claim the amounts? If so, what do I do? This is the last thing I need to do on my taxes!! Hope someone ca
  13. I tried filling my taxes and it says my address and postal code is wrong on the self employment address. I tried playing with the address to my old address and that did not work. I tried not putting an address in and that did not work. What do I do?
  14. I saw that a month prior there seemed to be issues in purchasing UFILE online When I input my card information and move on to pay I am getting that my card is declined. Upon investigating with the bank this information is untrue, there's more than enough space for this 20 dollar purchase... has this problem begun to reoccur or was it never fixed? I have tried both chrome and firefox.
  15. Hi there, I can't file my return electronically. When I click agree to terms and conditions and hit submit i get the following "underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." Has anyone else experienced this? What is the issue? I paid for ufile and now I can't submit it. This is frustrating.
  16. I am getting two error messages in the online version of the UFile software. Can anyone advise how to resolve these: "No endpoint listening" I keep getting this pop-up error message when trying to click "Next" in various sections of my return: "There was no endpoint listening at https://dtdcbenapi001.dttax.local:55526/ApiService.svcthat could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details." "Both fields must be filled" I'm also getting an error flag (which "prevents tax calculations"), "
  17. I have used Ufile for several years now and never had an issue. I went through the process as usual and went to file tax returns for myself and two family members. One went through, mine had a minor error...I went back and fixed it. The info filled from CRA was not the same as my assessment for that line, despite the warning below I only had to change one line. Now everything reads accurate, but it's still sitting as "file rejected". Anyone know how to fix this? Is it something Ufile can fix or CRA? I am not really tech savvy to understand who can fix this. I really don't want to have
  18. Ive been trying for the last 6 hours to file my return. Ive looked online for an answer and there isnt one that works, ive even tried everything for all of the other issues people have been having and still doesnt work. I tried to submit a request to ufile to have them answer and i got the same error message trying to send them a message. I have internet connection, Ive never had this issue before. message is as follows REJECTED the underlying connection was closed; An unexpected error occured on a receive. (I also get this message when I try to email support using ufile) I
  19. For some reason, UFile Windows is giving me a warning that I cannot Netfile my 7-year-old's Federal Return because: "A response indicating whether you are a Canadian citizen is required." Of course he has no income and he is the 2nd of two dependent children. This error does not appear for my older child who is also a dependent. I did a search and found some fixes regarding this issue dating back from 2013. Is this really a long-standing bug that UFile has not corrected? I have tried the proposed fixes which include: (1) Changing the dependent's date of birth to enable th
  20. "The first digit of the message number on the left identifies one of your financial statements. One of the following situations exists on your return: 1) The start date and/or end date of your fiscal period is not entered in the YYYYMMDD Format or the date entered is not valid. Please make sure that valid dates are entered in the YYYYMMDD format. 2) The year of the fiscal period end date of your AgriStability/AgriInvest financial statement is not valid. Please make sure the year for the end date is the year of the return you are filing. A financial statement is one or more of the following f
  21. FatBruno

    Fatal Error

    The 't1rq:FileReturnRequest' start tag on line 1 position 191 does not match the end tag of 't1:T1Return'. Line 1, position 966. Cmon guys, this is unacceptably, i need help right now, This is a technical error
  22. Hi guys I'm seeing a bug in your software. I'm getting the error "A required field was left blank" with a link to the RRSP deduction limit field, but I have not left the field blank. I used the new CRA Auto-fill feature. If I start over and don't use Auto-fill, the problem doesn't occur. So basically you can't use Auto-fill. Too bad.
  23. Hi...I entered all of my information and my daughter's only to continue to receive a message saying "i indicated the child had no income, however there was data entered saying she did" The fix is to uncheck the "i had income" box or remove the data. After trying about 10 times to uncheck the box (not visible anywhere) and going through everything on both files, I decided to delete hers and start from scratch. Thank god she's only 12 so not much info to replace. Now that her file is deleted, I did the dependent ID, interview and controls again and stopped. Went to check out the review t
  24. I am having the following issues with ufile online. I never had these problem before and this is my 4th year submitting tax return using ufile. 1. In my rental property I added my partner and then clicked on add another partner by mistake. I deleted that one but every time I login to ufile, it comes back. And throws error saying partner information is missing (for that unwanted partner) 2. I added items with the + sign in deduction part of the rental property and then whenever I delete those items, they keep coming back after I move to another page or logout. Very frustrating. The work
  25. If I go to Step 3 (Review) of UFile Online after entering all my tax slips and information, I receive one Warning in the Messages area stating "UFile has determined that you may be eligible for the school tax credit for homeowners because you are at least 55 years of age and your net family income is less than $23,800. Click here to return and enter the school taxes you paid." When I click the hyperlink all I see is a grey screen that says "loading..." but nothing loads (even if I wait until my online session times out) and I am never redirected back to interview questions related to the Man
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