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Found 3 results

  1. I'm confused. What numbers do I enter and WHERE under the T2125 income & expenses tab? Normally I invoice and don't collect HST because of my earnings total (under 30k). Then once I had to pay for product (ie. $1000 + HST), and invoice it to my client with a mark-up (ie. $1200 + HST). I'm unclear on where these numbers get reported. Is $1200 part of my income? Even though it was really product? With HST it's $1356... where do I input this information? Do I report $200 as part of my income? I paid $130 in HST on this transaction - where do I get to back that out? And the client paid $156 in HST... where does that number go? Quick Method HST collected.... what number am I putting here assuming this was the only transaction I had an HST line item on my invoice? I have no idea what numbers get inputted where on my tax return as this was the first year I had invoiced with HST. Help! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi, When I get to my results screen, I get this message, telling me I can't file using Netfile: "An invalid account or GST number was entered within a business or rental property." I know my GST number is valid because I just called Canada Revenue Agency to make sure. Since I'm a sole proprioter, my business number and my GST number are the same. Both are active and should be correct, says CRA. Can someone help me correct this error? If not, I'll have to ditch UFile and re-file everything with one of your competitors. Thanks, Emily
  3. Hello, According to my "Results" page, I am eligible for Trillium benefit and created a ON-BEN - Application for 2014 Trillium Benefit. I chose yes for the first box indicating I'd prefer it all in one payment, but I don't see these credits on my Results page. I did click yes on the CRA Questions page to applying for GST/HST Credit. I have a Warning on my Results page saying that I may be eligible for Trillium Benefit and to apply, but I already did that as I explained in the first paragraph. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also, where do I go to look at my GST/HST credit amount? Thanks
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