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Found 2 results

  1. Dans11


    Saving PDF worked until I updated WIN10 to the newest version (possible?) When I try to save my file as PDF I get an error message "OOPS SOMETHING HAPPENED......" I don't have any ERRORS, just 1 WARNING (which I can't get rid of) NEED ADVICE AS TO HOW TO SAVE .PDF or a work around... Thanks Dans
  2. I just installed the latest version (, install file version, of UFile 2016, on a Vista SP2 machine and I am unable to use the software due to the following issue: Trying to use any of the drop-down menus in any of the gateways present in the left-side menu, of the Interview tab, will result in the following error message: "Oops, something has gone wrong! Would you like to start the Support assistant to receive assistance on this issue?" This error will pop up immediately when you select the following gateways: Identification; CRA Question; and, NetFile. An attempt to use a drop-down menu needs to be made once before the error message will pop up on these gateways: Current Address; and, Controls. Although I have Vista "SP2", the OS is not up to date and it is, of course no longer possible to update it. I have .Net Framework 4.5.2 installed, the minimum being, I believe 4.5.1. Has anyone any thoughts on this issue? 15Mar'18 - ADDENDUM: It turns out it is not so much the drop-down list itself that is at issue, but the inability of the software to populate the associated fields. The first time I encountered the aforementioned error was following an attempt to import data from a TurboTax file. I just realized that the same fields that were not successfully populated, during the import, had those same drop-down lists. Having said that, the issue exists whether I start a new tax file by importing data or by trying to enter the carry-forward figures manually for a new, empty tax file.