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Found 4 results

  1. I am processing my adult children's Taxes. They each have unused Tuition Credits, Federal and Provincial. Question 1) Can I claim both the Federal and Provincial amounts on my claim? Question 2) Since I have two children my claim exceeds the Federal limit. The Software will not allow me to exceed the $5000 cap on my claim. I was under the impression this was $5000 per student, not tax claim. How can I override this?
  2. When you indicate emigrating from Canada during 2012 (and in this case from Ontario), Ufile 2012 is not showing the Ontario calculations. For example, the FEDERAL basic personal amount is pro-rated for the percentage of the year when you were a resident (before the move) but the PROVINCIAL basic personal amount is not listed at all. CRA guidance is that the PROVINCIAL amount should be similarly pro-rated if emigration occurs during the year. I have specified a foreign current residency address and a mailing address the same as the foreign residency. How do I get those pro-rated Ontario credits?
  3. Hi, This is my first year using Ufile and so far it has been smooth sailing! I had a question about the Tuition and Education section. I graduated in 2011 and started working in 2012 so for my 2012 tax return, I had Federal as well as Provincial Tuition carry forward I could use. I entered the Federal and Provincial carry forward amounts into the "Unused tuition and education amounts from prior years" as per the instructions and used the "MaxBack" option under "Treatment of unused tuition, education and textbook amounts". When I go to the summary, only the federal amount is applied. Why isn't the provincial amount being used as well? Will this mean that the Federal amount is being applied but the Provincial will be carried forward? Thanks!
  4. Hi, After I input everything, I still have $600 showing on line 428. No matter how much RRSP I entered, I still could not offset the $600 amount. Does anyone know why and how I can get to $0 owing? Thanks.
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