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Found 4 results

  1. I recently filed my tax return and shortly thereafter got issued a T3. I assumed that since my Canadian ETF dividend income from trading account was below $50, I would not be issued a T3, so I just claimed my dividends directly. Big mistake. The T3 I was eventually issued with the following boxes: 12 - SIN 14 - Account number 16 - Report Code 18 - Beneficiary code 21 - Capital Gains 25 - Foreign non-business income 34 - Foreign non-business income tax paid 42 - Amount resulting in cost base adjustment This means filling out my adjustment request (T1-ADJ adjust a federal tax return) is brutal as a huge amount of line values change. How should I approach this? Some interesting things I have come across in relation to this situation. The UFile community thread here - http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6862-how-to-request-an-adjustment-reassessment-to-a-tax-return/, is suggestive that I should include every line update. The online UFile drop-down menu for the "Adjustment request", only has a small subset of all line numbers which ranges from Line 101 to Line 485 for a total of 155 line items. On the CRA's T1-ADJ form it mentions for "Area C: Adjustment details" it is mentioned that "Please provide all details for each change you request (you do not have to show a recalculation of your taxes)". See http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t1-adj/t1-adj-16e.pdf .
  2. I received a reassessment from CRA recently for tax year 2013. Had to pay tax on investment income for which I did not receive a T5. Can unused capital losses from previous years be applied to this amount and how would I do this since it is for 2013?
  3. Hi, I've been using UFile for a few years now. After NetFiling my 2012 taxes for my spouse and I, they were reassessed by CRA to our benefit. My 2012 UFile tax return only has the original numbers and not the revised/reassessed figures that we were provided back by CRA on their Notice of Reassessment. I am trying to use the same figures as those supplied back by CRA on their Notice. But currently if I import the 2012 file, I am using incorrect data as there are possibly some carryovers from 2012 that will assist in our 2013 tax return and I want to ensure I capture those. Some of the revised numbers are line 350 Total Federal non-refundable tax credits and line 6150 Total Ontario non-refundable tax credits and are a result of a disability credit. I have 2012 and 2013 UFile software both loaded still. I've tried to adjust these numbers in the 2012 Tax return interview but have not been successful in even determining where I can actually make those adjustments. I've also thought that maybe if you adjusted the numbers in the 2013 software under Prior Year Comparative Information, that would tweak the imported 2012 tax file. That was not successful either. In cases where tax returns are reassessed after the tax return has been submitted, how does one adjust their 2012 numbers prior to importing to the new year or conversely, adjust the numbers after they have been imported? Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated and of course, if there is any other information which may assist in solving this, please advise. Thank you in advance I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on a 64 bit computer. KPS
  4. Hello, I've filed two requests for support from Ufile using the online contact us form. I've received the initial generic email confirming my entry on the forms: I replied to the emails as instructed as my issue was not covered by the general site FAQs. My first request (UF343709) was filed Dec 30 - I have not received any communication since Dec 31. My second request ( UF344085‏)was filed Jan 8 - I have not received any communcation since Jan 9. My issue is time sensitive and regarding a large CRA reassessment. Why is no one responding to my inquiries?
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