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Found 8 results

  1. When I enter my T3 or T5 income info on my return and select the splitting percentage, the program does not automatically assign the remaining portion to my wife's return. I must be doing something wrong, any suggestions? Also I go to the line >> Do you wish to transfer the remainder to your spouse's tax return (if applicable)? <<, and on your right, in the drop-down menu, select >> Yes <<. But the amount does not go to my wife's return. Thanks Pascal
  2. I recently filed my tax return and shortly thereafter got issued a T3. I assumed that since my Canadian ETF dividend income from trading account was below $50, I would not be issued a T3, so I just claimed my dividends directly. Big mistake. The T3 I was eventually issued with the following boxes: 12 - SIN 14 - Account number 16 - Report Code 18 - Beneficiary code 21 - Capital Gains 25 - Foreign non-business income 34 - Foreign non-business income tax paid 42 - Amount resulting in cost base adjustment This means filling out my adjustment request (T1-ADJ adjust a federal tax return) is brutal as a huge amount of line values change. How should I approach this? Some interesting things I have come across in relation to this situation. The UFile community thread here - http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6862-how-to-request-an-adjustment-reassessment-to-a-tax-return/, is suggestive that I should include every line update. The online UFile drop-down menu for the "Adjustment request", only has a small subset of all line numbers which ranges from Line 101 to Line 485 for a total of 155 line items. On the CRA's T1-ADJ form it mentions for "Area C: Adjustment details" it is mentioned that "Please provide all details for each change you request (you do not have to show a recalculation of your taxes)". See http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t1-adj/t1-adj-16e.pdf .
  3. If I enter all in formation from T5 and T3 for mutual funds under " Interest, investments, income and..." Will the capital gains indicated on the T5 and T3 mutual funds will Ufile automatically calculate any possible deductions or exemptions or do I have to deal with "Capital Gains (or losses) & ABIL"?
  4. I have foreign capital tax gain in box 21 in my T3. Where should I enter this amount in Ufile2016 windows software? Turbotax has two lines for box 21, one for Canadian capital gain and second for foreign capital gain. I am not able to see the same feature in Ufile. Appreciate if anyone can help me out with this request.
  5. I filed my tax return using UFile/Netfile in 2015 (tax year 2014). I just received a notice of reassessment from CRA stating that they have adjusted my return to include income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26) and I have owed over $400 plus $12.75 interest. I double checked my Ufile return and I confirmed that I DID include this information on Box 26 when I filed my return. However when I downloaded paper copy from Ufile today, i noticed that Ufile shows this on Schedule 3, Item 2 Qualified Farm Property and qualified fishing property. (I am not a fisherman). I suspect that this error also included in the Netfile copy which I submitted. I don't think CRA made its reassesment by moving this value from Fishing income to correct place. So their reassesment now includes fishing income (which is wrongly filed by UFILE) and income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26). It looks like there are other people having exactly same problem with Ufile.
  6. rob_99

    T3 Error Message

    Hi there. I'm trying to enter my wife's T3 information into UFile. This T3 is for an RBC mutual fund. There is only one figure on the T3 (the capital gains), and all the other boxes are "0.00". I enter the capital gains on the form in box 21, and I receive the following error message: "An error was detected on this page. Do you wish to save anyway?" I can't find the error. Any thoughts? Many thanks. Rob.
  7. I'm filing T3 foreign income for the first time, and am confused why uFile doesn't treat it the same as a T5 with foreign income. With the T5 you can enter the foreign exchange rate when you enter the slip, but not with the T3. It seems like such an obvious requirement that it makes me think I must be missing something :-( (I will be using the standard US$ annual 2014 exchange rate - 1.10446640) Thanks in advance for your insight.
  8. Questions: 1. Why during the interview for a T3 do I need to know the eligible Dividends paid prior to July 1, 2014 included in Box 50? 2. Why during the interview for a T5 do I need to know the eligible Dividends paid prior to July 1, 2014 included in Box 25? 3. Both reference [NL L.6173] I can't find any information on that, what is it?
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