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Found 1 result

  1. Last year I worked on an engagement with a client thru an agency. The agency treated me as self employed but deducted CPP and EI contributions (not my choice or agreement!). They have issued a T4 showing these deductions but with a blank Employent Income Box 14 (... I'm not considered an employee cos I am considered self employed...). The T4 shows a note in the Other Information section, with a Box 81 and the total of my earnings, along with the same earnings amount in Boxes 24 and 26. I have created a T4 in Ufile showing exactly the above, including the Box 81 note. When I run Results, Ufile gave me a warning about "pensionable earnings entered for a T4 exceed the amount of T4 income" (problem 1), and it also tells me to complete a T2125 Business/Professional, Self Employment Income form (problem 2). So, I completed a Professional Income and Expenses form in Ufile. This form has a mandatory field (red star), into which I entered my Gross Professional Fees - my self employed earnings (same amount as that in Box 81 on the agency T4). Immediately below this field on the form is a field for "Placement or employment workers (T4 Box 81)." I entered the same amount into this field. When I ran the Results tab, the problem 2 error message went away but the self employment income on the tax calculations summary was twice what it should be - which is not what I expected as this form is the only place I could enter the Box 81 cross reference from the T4. Next I went back and deleted the (duplicate) earnings amount from the Placement agency workers field - because Ufile will not let me delete the amount from the mandatory field - and now I am back where I started with Ufile telling me I must complete a Business Income form. How can I resolve problem 2? And is it ok to ignore the warning from problem 1? Thank you.
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