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Found 12 results

  1. On the T5 input screen (UFile for Windows), boxes 15 and 16 are listed twice but my actual T5 forms have the box listed only once. So where do I put the value on the form? First field? Second? Both? Filling the values into the first field in UFile (for both 15 and 16) results in a refund of $7,195.74. Filling the values into the second field instead results in a refund of $7,157.90. Putting the values in four times results in a refund of $6,961.61. So it clearly makes a difference. Thanks for any insights.
  2. After doing a carry forward, i see a section for capital gains (or losses) and ABIL section. Underneath that, i see: - inclusion rate for 2000 - capital gain history Is this something from the carry forward that I should keep on this file? or should i delete this too? I also see a bunch of empty T5's created after the carry forward. Those I had deleted. Thanks in advance, guys.
  3. Svea

    NR4 slip

    I am an international student and want to do my taxes with ufile. I expected to receive a T5 slip from my bank as I earned intersted, but insted I received a NR4 slip. Is that right? I thought that I am considered as a temporarly resident. Do I have to report this NR4 slip? It just has information in the following fields: 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 18. How and where do I report the NR4 slip? Thanks for your help!
  4. When I enter my T3 or T5 income info on my return and select the splitting percentage, the program does not automatically assign the remaining portion to my wife's return. I must be doing something wrong, any suggestions? Also I go to the line >> Do you wish to transfer the remainder to your spouse's tax return (if applicable)? <<, and on your right, in the drop-down menu, select >> Yes <<. But the amount does not go to my wife's return. Thanks Pascal
  5. If I enter all in formation from T5 and T3 for mutual funds under " Interest, investments, income and..." Will the capital gains indicated on the T5 and T3 mutual funds will Ufile automatically calculate any possible deductions or exemptions or do I have to deal with "Capital Gains (or losses) & ABIL"?
  6. I'm filing T3 foreign income for the first time, and am confused why uFile doesn't treat it the same as a T5 with foreign income. With the T5 you can enter the foreign exchange rate when you enter the slip, but not with the T3. It seems like such an obvious requirement that it makes me think I must be missing something :-( (I will be using the standard US$ annual 2014 exchange rate - 1.10446640) Thanks in advance for your insight.
  7. Questions: 1. Why during the interview for a T3 do I need to know the eligible Dividends paid prior to July 1, 2014 included in Box 50? 2. Why during the interview for a T5 do I need to know the eligible Dividends paid prior to July 1, 2014 included in Box 25? 3. Both reference [NL L.6173] I can't find any information on that, what is it?
  8. I received a reassessment from CRA recently for tax year 2013. Had to pay tax on investment income for which I did not receive a T5. Can unused capital losses from previous years be applied to this amount and how would I do this since it is for 2013?
  9. From Ufile help - "If an information slip shows income that you share with other parties, indicate your percentage (%) of the income. The program reports your portion on your own tax return." How will CRA know the name of the other party? The other parties name is on the T5 slip. In the past I sometimes included a note with the other parties SIN indicating the investment was split. According to UFile help I assume I do not need to do this.
  10. Interest income entered in box 13 of form T5 = $214.31 Amount transferred from this box to line 121 on tax return to include in total income = $21,431.00 YOW! it's ignoring the decimal. Should be fixed in an update hopefully soon.
  11. I have battled this issue for a few years now and I still don't know how I claim this amount. Both of my sons (both under 10 years old) have trust funds (in a GIC) that they have gained interest on for the last three years. We receive two T5's "Statement of Investment Income" that tells us in box 13 "Interest from Canadian Sources" an amount, in trust for our boys. I have called the CRA about it and one agent says that my wife and I have to claim these T5's on our returns, yet another agent claims that my sons claim the amount. Do I state in uFile that my boys have income to declare and then list the T5 in their returns?? Does this make sense what I'm asking? It makes no sense that my wife and I claim income for our boys that we have not received any $$ from as yet (and we will never get, our boys will)... in the end our boys will get the money from their trust funds and my wife and I will have to pay the tax on their interest each tax year?? huh?
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